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    I have a similar problem. In the picture the Owner and the Group are "98" instead of root.
    When I try to push the Apply button i get this error.
    In the last days I have tested the Ftp server, earlier today I have deleted the Ftp user I created for the tests, and I have disabled (unchecked) the Ftp server.

    The "poolshare" in the picture is the shared folder bind for Aufs.

    I hope is fixable, otherwise I have to reinstall :(


    Quote from "ryecoaaron"

    The script that solo wrote writes to the log. Otherwise nothing else does. If click Clear, it creates the file for the first time.

    Ok I understand, I will try the scripts then. Thank you again Ryeco

    I'm testing SnapRaid in my OMV test box.
    Is configured with a 2tb and a 250gb hard drives data, and a 2tb parity hard drive.
    When I try to read the SnapRaid log i got this message.
    SnapRaid is in use for several weeks now, but there isn't the log file in /var/log.

    I'm doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

    I don't know if is offtopic :?:

    I was testing a bash script, I want to obtain this:
    -change directory (let's say /home/user1/program1/)
    -execute a program in /home/user1/program1/

    cd /home/user1/program1/

    cd /home/user1/program1/

    Neither of the two scripts works... Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance

    I'm not worried, was just a technical curiosity :D
    I was asking myself if the port from Squeeze to Wheezy is intrinsecally more difficult because of the OS or for the way is developed OMV.

    I was wondering about the successor of OMV Kralizec (0.6 or 1.0).

    The port from Debian Wheezy to the next version Jessie, will be as difficult as the port from Squeeze to Wheezy or will be easier ?

    Ryeco is really funny, I have discovered that my harbour programs are similar to couchpotato :D
    My programs are "primitive" compared to couchpotato of course; they work only with torrents (here in Italy usenet is pratically dead)
    I didn't know this program... I have discovered it today reading the forums :D

    I'm having the same issue with my Synology Nas. Really really slow. I don't know how I can "debug" it.
    I execute this command from OMV ssh session (is a pull rsync. source synology target omv):

    rsync -avz --delete -e ssh utente@ /media/AufsPool/smb/dati/

    Edit: I tried to create a rsync task in the webgui, but i failed. I think is a password/privilege issue... just a guess.

    Quote from "davidh2k"
    ls -la /media/5be1f17f-d7d9-490f-9838-c5938ab9df14/Videos/Downloads/
    stats /media/5be1f17f-d7d9-490f-9838-c5938ab9df14/Videos/Downloads


    The correct command is this:

    stat /media/5be1f17f-d7d9-490f-9838-c5938ab9df14/Videos/Downloads

    Thanks I have just written the commands in my "hb_compiler_notes.txt" file.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, is fault of my bad english :D

    What I need is this:

    hbmk2 _source_file_name_ -lhbct

    Then I save this script, calling it (chmod +x

    Then I want to issue this compile command in bash promt:

    Code source_name.prg

    I want to use "_source_file_name_" as a argument in the command "".

    I am no expert but you can try to issue these commands:

    -run "Apt-Clean" and "Apt-Clean silent" from the OMV-Extras plugin

    -run via SSH with root access these commands:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt-get install -f
    apt-get clean

    Then reboot and test if the problem is gone.
    I repeat, I am no expert :D

    I know that is off topic... :) but I want to you know that it works great also on the raspberry pi!
    The compilation lasted several hours but in the end it worked.
    Sorry to bother you again with this, but I was wondering how to "disinstall" a .deb package ?

    ps: I need to write a bash little script that execute this command:

    hbmk2 foo -lhbct

    where "foo" is a variable (the source program file), I know how to do it in Dos but not in linux :D

    I want to say a big thank you to ryeco for this great gift!
    I have ported my programs in debian (OMV and Raspberry PI !!!) in 15 minutes!!! Amazing!
    I have changed only the directory names inside of the .prg (for example "C:\directory1\directory2" now is "C/directory1/directory2")

    I have installed curl and lynx (a txt browser that i use to dump html pages in txt) and all works flawlessly.
    Now that I can use my beloved compiler I can automate almost everything without knowing bash, awk, vi (I hate it! :D). For me is pretty amazing !
    Thank you again!