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    I have an old Synology Nas that I use for work and for leisure.
    It has 4 hard drive bays, and is configured in RAID 5.

    For the work side:
    -FTPS server (accessed by my customers via the internet)
    -Backup server. Backup of my work Windows 8.1 pc, just a trivial copy of files
    to the Synology SMB/CIFS share

    For the leisure side:
    -Storing of my media collection (videos, music, pictures)
    -Download station (Transmission-like torrent downloader)
    -Streaming server for my old WD TV Live

    The Synology backups itself on a machine on the network.
    A NasLite box rsync server.
    The Synology every odd day (1,3,5.. day of the month) wakes the
    NasLite box (via WOL) backups itself and then shuts down the NasLite
    box via an "Expect" script I wrote.

    What I want to accomplish, and in what I need help:
    -Migrate the functions of my old Synology Nas to OMV box (obviously :D )
    -FTPS server (I have experimented in the last weeks with OMV but I haven't
    looked into it very well)
    -Use SnapRaid instead of the software RAID 5 (tested and I love it!)
    -Using aufs for pooling (not tested and a bit confused in how it works) (Edit: Done! See second post)
    -Backup the OMV box to the NasLite box via rsync (not tested yet)
    -Automate the WOL of the NasLite box, and the shutdown via the "Expect" script
    I wrote. (I hope it's feasible in Debian...)
    -Transmission plugin (not tested yet)
    -Streaming server for my media (tested and it works flawlessly)
    -Backup up of my work pc (tested and it works flawlessly -much (a lot...) faster than
    the Synology Nas-
    -minor feature: I have written a couple of little programs that automate the process
    of finding and downloading .torrent files and send them to the Synology Nas
    "torrent folder" where the "Download Station" get them, and during the night
    downloads the files. It would be nice to move this programs to the OMV box and
    with wine (the software not the beverage :D ) execute them at scheduled intervals.
    Now they run on my work Windows 8.1 pc.
    Unfortunately i have no idea how wine works...

    I plan to migrate in the next six months, hoping that someone can help in some
    details of this project.
    I was tempted to use XPEnology instead of OMV because I am familiar in how Synology
    works, but the support of the OMV forums is really great, and for me this is a
    big plus... :D


    Quote from "ryecoaaron"

    Useful feature. I will add that feature to the next version that works with OMV 0.6.

    If you add the feature to convert the audio to .mp3 format, please add also the .FLAC format :)

    Tested 5 minutes ago. I have executed clonezilla via SSH and not from the desktop with VNC.
    Now the new save directory has root:root (to see that, logged with SSH to the OMV box, and with mc I have "navigated" to the save directory located in one of my data drives).
    Yes, a lot simplier than the VNC connection. Thanks again! :D

    p.s.: I have noted that in the clonezilla save directory there are several files.
    the file "Info-saved-by-cmd.txt" contains this command:

    /usr/sbin/ocs-sr -q2 -c -j2 -z1p -i 2000 -fsck-src-part -p choose savedisk 2014-02-28-19-img sdc

    The next time I have to run clonezilla can i use this command (obviously changing the save file name...) ?

    Funny, I have issued this command

    chmod -R 766 /media/d7e8338a-970c-43a1-a0c7-a05a43e42edb/Disco2Share/2014-02-27-17-img/

    and now I can't access anymore to the folder "2014-02-27-17-img" (from my Windows 8.1 64bit pc) :D

    drwxrwSrw-+ 2 root users 4096 Feb 27 17:49 2014-02-27-17-img
    drwxrwxrwx+ 16 nobody users 4096 Feb 27 08:58 movies
    drwxrwsrwx+ 2 nobody users 4096 Feb 28 15:59 tvshows
    drwxrwsrwx+ 7 nobody users 4096 Feb 26 23:18 music

    I have a problem with the image of my system disk saved with Clonezilla.
    I have successfully saved my OMV system disk with PartedMagic (Clonezilla) on my OMV box data disk shared folder.
    Now i want to move the Clonezilla save directory named "2014-02-27-17-img" to my (very)old Synology nas,
    but i have this message "accesso negato" (in english "access denied") when I try to move the file "2014-02-27-17-img\sdd1.ext4-ptcl-img.gz.aa" :?::?:

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    I have tried to fsck with the "# shutdown -rF now" method, but it seems that OMV skip to check the drives (it boots without checking).
    A very clever solution, I will try your "trick" :D
    Thanks raulfg3!

    A little guide to make a backup of the OMV system disk with Clonezilla (with PartedMagic).

    How to create a bootable PartedMagic Usb stick:

    - shutdown your OMV box
    - plug in the PartedMagic Usb stick
    - power on your OMV box
    - go to your main pc/laptop/tablet(!?)
    - connect to your router webpage and search for "devices" or "devices list"
    - you should find an IP number with the name "partedmagic"
    - note down the IP number (for example: )
    - launch Putty (or similar program)
    - connect in SSH (port 22) with the IP number you have noted down (for example: )
    - at login prompt enter: "root" (without quotes :) )
    - at password prompt enter: "partedmagic" (without quotes :) )
    - enter the command: chmod a+x /root/.xinitrc
    - enter the command: vncserver :60 (you can use any number, just remember which number you have entered :) )
    - open your VNC client and connect to the IP address you noted+colon (:)+the number you entered earlyer (for example: )
    - now you should see the PartedMagic desktop!
    - from here you can use CloneZilla or any other program shipped in PartedMagic.

    Thanks for the precious infos to the user burdi01 on the PartedMagic forums, and of course to the PartedMagic author!