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    Hello everyone!

    BorgBackup is configured and does its job without any problems. But I would like someone to help me with one little thing.

    In the BorgBackup plugin, when adding an archive, we give it the Name/Prefix and other configuration parameters. The plugin then generates a job in /var/lib/openmediavault/borgbackup/daily.d/borgbackup* where the current time is added to the prefix with -{now}, giving each newly created archive a unique name.

    Example: backup-2020-09-12T03:33:03

    This is all well designed, but on Windows the file must not have the character ":" in its name, so when I Mount this Repo on Windows via Samba it comes up with a mangling of the archive name. The archive now gets its name on Windows via Samba: BQZUVF~T. Everything works, but it is difficult to recognize the name of the archive.

    Is there any way to simply avoid this mangling archive names? Is it possible to easily define a new way of creating a archive name?

    If you want to suggest me to set "mangled names = yes" in the Samba configuration, that's not the solution for me, because then I can't access the rest of the archive.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for the advice.