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    I have an unused RPI 4 8 gig SBC and a OWC Mercury Pro 4 disk Raid Enclosure and would like to use Openmediavault to set it up as a NAS. The raid enclosure does raid 5 itself but I’m using RPI and USB 3 to connect it. Will OMV work for user functions and plugins since it’s usb? All it will see is a single 2.5 gig HD. I will be using another separate HD to run the OS and OMV.

    As noted only concerned about user management and such not drive control. I’m trying to cheaply replace my old Netgear ReadyNas with the setup.

    Please provide input or suggestions, if it won’t work at all please let me know, don’t want to burn brain cells trying to hack it. OMV will run on top of Debian with no GUI installed.