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    Hi. I was upgrading an ancient Windows 2003 server to the more modern Openmediavault system . Evertything worked fine, easy, beautifully untill I tried to install and share my printer, a Sharp AR-M165, connected to the server via a USB cable:

    1) I installed the CUPS plugin from package

    2) I selected "add printer" from the plugin menu and selected the following options:

    When I try to print a test page all the printer does is to whirr and "work" in a loop, bot no printed page comes out from it.

    Thinking that was a driver issue, I downloaded the driver from the manufacturer page, a driver called AR-M165/M207 PS Printer-Driver Linux GB (v.1.2).

    I tried to install it from the advanced printer configuration: CUPS for administrators > Adding Printers and Classes > Add printer and providing the PPS file that I obtained from the manufacturer page, but I get the following error:

    I'm stuck and I don't know what else to do, I would really appreciate some help, please.

    Ok. I saw that the files belong to a user named mysql, and that they dont have all the permissions needed. What should I do? because, being a stripped volume, I think the files are distributed among the three volumes of my pool, so I don't know if I have to change the permissions everywhere or not. Should I change them in the .greyhole folder or in the visible-shared one?

    I would really apreciate an answer, I'm a confused noob. Thanks.

    Following ryecoaaron's instructions/help (thanks again, you're the best), I was able to install mysql and Greyhole. I see my pool, my shares, they report the right size, but I can't write on them:

    It appears I have a permissions problem, but I configured my samba shares to be guest acessible and to allow everyone to read/write.

    Any idea what's causing this? Thank you.

    Can anyone help me? I've tried deleting the old mysql database folders, changing their location to another disk, uninstalling and reinstalling the service without sucess.

    I'm using OMV 1.0.23.

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm getting this when I try to install mysql:


    Failed to execute command 'omv-mkconf mysql 2>&1': Unable to find any database files in /var/lib/mysql. Unable to find any database files in /media/053e8196-1e62-4ab8-bcc3-123dcff579c0/mysql.

    Had a working greyhole installation, but now I'm unable to even install mysql. Sad Panda.

    I used google's DNS, rebooted, same problem:

    Is there something else where I can look for the culprit? Shoud I try to reinstall?

    (thanks for the quick answers, by the way :) )

    Good morning.

    I seem to have a problem with my repositories when I try to update my newly installed 1.0.20 Kralizec version. When I try to use my update manager I get this:

    Which I assume is bad.

    My Sources.list file is this:

    Is there anythin I have to chenge?

    Thanks in advance.