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    TechnoDadLife sorry to quote you directly.... I got a real problem. So I hope you can help.

    I successfully ran your guided nextcloudpi installation.

    I pushed ALL my files from Dropbox and googledrive to nextcloud pi.

    Then, I deleted ALL my Dropbox files. I deleted ALL my googledrive files.

    I enjoyed using nextcloud for 7 weeks.

    My server needed to be restarted, so I did.

    I wondered why my nextcloud didn't came back.

    I sudoed: "docker ps" - nothing was running.

    I typed:

    docker run --restart unless-stopped ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-x86

    And now I'm WASTED!

    It did following:

    Setting up a clean Nextcloud instance... wait until message 'NC init done'
    Setting up database...
    Setting up Nextcloud...
    Nextcloud was successfully installed

    for real???

    How am I supposed to know this? why is it doing this??? Are all my files gone??! Please please help me...


    I must admit, I wrote this post in a moment of panic.

    I let 2 hours pass by to think.

    Then I checked my docker container:

    sudo docker container ls -aq

    Whoah, there they are.

    :rolleyes: SO SORRY FOR BEING DUMB! :rolleyes:

    I did:

    sudo docker container restart cddcd2a1d07f

    And my nextcloud was online again.

    What did I learn?

    Self-Solving the problem give you the best lessons.


    problem exists between chair and computer.