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    OMV 5 server, it just has no internet access at a somewhat frequent interval through the day. I have port forwarding set up so thats how I first noticed that plex and other features weren't available through remote access. It goes all the way down to the system level, unable to even ping google but a few minutes later with the same exact command it works. I'm on ethernet and nothing changed, haven't touched the server at all in a few months and it still exhibits the exact same behavior. Any steps are helpful or troubleshooting steps.


    Update: Seems to be some kind of internet issue that I really dont know how to troubleshoot if anyone has any suggestions. It seems my internet is literally cutting in and out, but only on my server. I noticed this because I was using a torrent on my server and watching it on another computer on the same network and every once in a while it would cut out for a couple minutes and I'd go into putty and ping and it would fail, then after a few minutes it would be back. No idea how to fix this other than reinstalling OMV, never had this issue before about a week ago servers been running for close to 3 years, already tried OMV-FirstAid and messing with various network config settings in the GUI and nothings worked as a permanent fix.

    I’ve been away from home for a few months where my server is located and up until about a week ago I had no problems. I connect using WireGuard on a docker container. Now I can connect *sometimes* through WireGuard, and about 75% of the time when it even lets me connect, the internet on the server is somehow not working? Ex: docker containers can’t connect to the internet, can’t pull new docker images, can’t even ping or when I ssh into root account on the server (Again all of this is while I’m connected to the server through WireGuard from a whole different state). I really don’t understand what’s going on, my first move tonight when I return home is going to be to reconfigure the network using OMV-FirstAid, i was afraid to do it remotely in case I wouldn’t be able to reconnect. If that doesn’t work I assumed my only move would be to reinstall OMV completely, not really sure if any simple solutions comes to anyones minds off hearing this?

    I can provide more details or logs as soon as I return home tonight.

    Will try to boot from a live (usb) later. Are you suggesting using something simple like Ubuntu on a live usb just to see if the internet works on that? Not sure why I would need different drivers thought everything’s been working perfectly for almost 2 years now and this happened out of nowhere the other day.

    I can’t even get into omv because I can’t get past the installation. When I try to install using the mirror it says bad archive mirror which I’m guessing means the server just isn’t able to connect to the internet at all. On my router dashboard shows the server as online and shows the same ip as what I used to configure the server manually for the network configuration just minutes ago.

    Maybe a hardware issue, I’m not entirely certain but it’s driven me crazy for the past week or so. About a week ago my server goes offline I can’t access it even on my own network via any of my docker containers or through the web gui. I try to reconfigure the network using omv-firstaid and I keep getting the error “your network is probably not using the DHCP protocol” so I try to configure without dhcp but I still can’t access the webgui even after a reboot and reconfiguring multiple times. So I figure why not update to OMV 6.0 (was running 5) and see if I have better luck with network configuration on that. Install OMV 6 and configure a static ip that I normally use and everything works fine I can access the gui… until about 5 minutes later I can’t access the server anymore no matter how many times I reboot or use omv-firstaid to reconfigure the network. Not sure what I should do or if it’s a router issue, I have the standard fios router and got it replaced the other day because of this and still having issues. Let me know if I need to provide more details I’m not sure what info would be helpful.

    Edit: can’t connect to archive mirrors during installation at all after configuring network as static using the ip assigned by my router (checked the ipv4 address distribution in my router settings to confirm).

    Tried Ryecoaaron's option:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/md0 bs=512 count=10000
    mkfs.ext4 /dev/md0

    and then
    mount /dev/md0

    I had to delete the missing md0 FS in the OMV GUI but then, after a refresh, I could see the new FS and mount it.
    BLKID now shows no EXT_JOURNAL information and the FS has no label. Is this something I have to/can add?

    God bless you. I know it's been a few years since this thread but this still works and just helped me a whole lot!

    yeah so seems like all my containers aren't working I'm getting stopped on all of them and this error (


    error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/3c4cc8e360d361c1211b9712e4b00bc651bddfc45e7f10fe16fb97df243543ed/merged: invalid argument)

    I think I corrupted some of the files somehow or I was missing some when I copied over? Any idea if theres a repair for portainer because I'm unable to create anything rn

    Quick question any idea how to fix a root permissions issue? I was being stupid and added the root docker folder as a shared folder and after copying everything over can no longer log into the omv gui. Am I able to reset the permissions of the root folders and drives from ssh and what command would I use, or do I just need to reinstall again lol

    Edit: I am still able to ssh in as root

    Edit Edit: More speciically I changed the permissions of the just the /var folder I believe and everything inside it

    Sorry for the late response I read this post a couple of times first haha. So 2 things, do you need to use a Symlink? Couldn't you instead just directly reference the folder? I assume chowning the folder is only necessary because of using Symlinks(which I don't fully understand myself). Does it work to just copy the folder and set the location or do those permissions need to be allowed? (Also side note do you know of a way to get the stack file for a container that you created visually in the portainer gui?)

    gotcha I understand. That would be great don't feel any pressure to respond to these right now. But just so simplify...

    1. Backup entire /var/lib/docker directory

    2. Fresh install omv

    3. Reinstall omv-extras...docker...portainer...etc.

    4. Copy over old /var/lib/docker files

    5. When portainer is launched as long as the /var/lib/docker directory was properly copied and as long as the config files are attatched and mounted in omv all of my container should just show up? or I will need to set them up again, but they will still have the previous setup due to the config files or the var/lib/docker files?

    thats true. Only problem is I use portainer so the gui takes a little longer rather than just copy and pasting everything. What I might just do is screenshot my portainer setups and I have like 2 stacks I can just save and just set everything up again since I have my configs saved on my media drives that don't get screwed up by my stupid motherboard. I really can't figure it out lol