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    Just to give an update on my issue. I finally figured out the frequent spin down is due to the setting of APM level. It turns out my WD Red 10GB drive does not like the setting of "255 - Disabled". If I set the value within the range of "128 - 254", both hard drives will not spin down at all.

    Maybe I should have explained it in a better way. The relay on usbrelay module can be easily controlled through a simple command:

    usbrelay BITFT_1=1 // turn on relay

    usbrelay BITFT_1=0 // turn off relay

    hd-idle knows exactly when hard drive spins up or down. All I need is to execute the command "usbrelay BITFT_1=0" after spin down and the command "usbrelay BITFT_1=1" after spin up.

    I used a Lenovo W540 laptop for my OMV5 server, which has a cooling pad underneath powered by a USB port. After autoshutdown plugin put the server in Suspend mode, the USB power does not get turned off and the fan continues to run. Is there a way to turn USB power off and turn it back on after OMV resumes operation (waken by WOL)? Thanks.

    If it's hardware related, that would be bad news. I like ZFS mirror setup as it has self-correction capability. If I do as you suggested, does it mean that the corrupted data file on the main drive will be copied to backup drive?

    My setup does save significant saving on electricity usage as I also turn off the LCD display, too. This laptop does have M.2 interface for M.2 SATA SSD (which could be also used for WAN card):

    Yes, I used 2 extension cables bought from Amazon:

    The mod does not require removing the motherboard. I just plugged 2 extension cables into SATA ports and use the glue to prevent cables from loose. I removed the optical drive and both cables come out through bay. Two hard drives are powered by a separate power supply.

    I also hate to spin down my WD Red drives but it seems I haven't found a way to stop the spinning down the drive connected to the optical drive port.


    I have a weird problem with one of the hard drives spin-down (going into standby mode) in 4 minutes and 30 seconds on its own and I haven't found a way to stop that.

    I'm running OMV5 on a Lenovo laptop W540. Two WD red 10TB hard drives are configured as mirror mode in ZFS. This laptop has M.2 slot and I used it for the boot drive. It has 2 SATA interfaces available, one from the original hard drive and another on the optical drive. Even though I set the same disk configuration to disable all power management on both drives. The drive that connects to the original optical drive SATA interface will always spin-down in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The other hard drive has no problem and never spins down. I tried to swap the drive and found out the problem sticking with the physical interface (optical SATA), not with the particular hard drive.

    I'd like to get help on how to prevent that hard drive from spinning down. Thanks a lot.