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    Hello to all.

    Sorry for my English, I use deepl to translate from French.

    I'm asking for your help because I'm having trouble installing Nextcloud correctly on my OpenMediaVault 5 installation.

    I'm a big beginner in linux, docker and nextcloud.

    However, with a lot of perseverance, I managed to install my plex server as a docker on this same omv5, which works perfectly with remote access and plexpass, so I have some basics.

    Can you help me to configure my STACK file correctly?

    I wish to access my Nexcloud directly by

    http://my-ip-local OR http://my-ip-wan

    I don't need to attach a domain name to it, I don't use a personal dns server like nginx.

    I put in red the fields I can't fill in correctly, thank you.


    version: "2"



    image: linuxserver/nextcloud

    container_name: nextcloud


    - PUID=1002

    - PGID=100

    - TZ=Europe/Paris


    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuuid-2d85bf44-b02a-444f-93af-18dd6bcf0ebe/AppData/Nextcloud/config:/config

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-2d85bf44-b02a-444f-93af-18dd6bcf0ebe/nextcloud/data:/data




    - mariadb

    restart: unless-stopped


    image: linuxserver/mariadb

    container_name: nextclouddb


    - PUID=1002

    - PGID=100

    - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD= any password?

    - TZ=Europe/Paris


    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-2d85bf44-b02a-444f-93af-18dd6bcf0ebe/AppData/Nextclouddb:/config

    restart: unless-stopped


    image: linuxserver/swag

    container_name: swag




    - PUID=1002

    - PGID=100

    - TZ=Europe/Paris

    - URL= ?????

    - SUBDOMAINS= ??????

    - VALIDATION=http

    - EMAIL= ??????


    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-2d85bf44-b02a-444f-93af-18dd6bcf0ebe/AppData/swag:/config

    b] ports:

    - 444:443

    - 81:80

    restart: unless-stopped


    Pour Info

    - The hardware:

    Beelink GK55 + SSD 2TO crucial MX500

    - OS:

    OpenMediaVault 5.5.23-1 (usul)


    My network setting:

    1. SFR box nb6 (fai red by sfr / >

    .port forwarding to my "archer c-7 tp-link" router (

    2. redirection to my Beelink NAS (

    I use these settings to display on ports 80 and 443 my Jeedom on my raspberryPi3 ( without problems, the same for other services on my synology, and for port 32400 of Plex on the same OMV5 server, without problems.

    For now, instead of displaying my jeedom on my rpi3 on ports 80 and 443, I would display nextcloud.


    I followed this tutorial:

    After a first try, I ended up having NextCloud running locally, but I had to manually write the https in the address, and the browser informed me that the server was not secure, and impossible to have access from outside...


    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Translated with (free version)