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    Acording to this source:

    Reviewing this source it appears that it is a setup not using HTTPS. I 've gotten Bitwarden to work multiple times without https but most of the setups recommend using self-signed certs or let's encrypt. I've tried both but couldn't get either to work. Nextcloud is already running with nginx and let's encrypt so I was hoping to be able to build off that setup to run Bitwarden as well.

    You also mentioned before that you can't use the port twice?

    current swag is mapping 81:80

    and the bitwarden you proposed is mapping 8005:80

    image: bitwardenrs/server:latest # raspberry
    container_name: bitwarden
    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DATA/appdata/bitwarden:/config # <<<--- This has to be adjusted!!!
    - 8005:80
    restart: unless-stopped

    Thanks for coming up with these options

    So I could just add this section to my existing Nextcloud/swag docker-compose? How does it connect with the existing ssl certs that are created by existing docker-compose

    Here is the docker-compose file. I would sure appreciate the addded help for bitwarden. I have been going in circles for a while.

    Thanks guys I have been changing too many things at once. What happened is I did not get a complete copy of my docker compose file. It was missing the tail end of the swag portion including port mapping. After cleaning up my port mapping I have next cloud working. Can I use this same nginx set up to add a self hosted bitwarden? Part of my problem was I was trying to get this going at the same time with overlapping ports.

    None of this should be needed if you are using your old config folders.

    Looking back I can see that now. It did seem like I had to change the nextcloud.subdomain.conf and I was surprised that the config.php file was already correct so I went back and compared the nextcloud.dubdomain.conf with back up file and they appear to be the same. Here is the log from the swag container.

    Any thoughts on this error. I made no configuration changes to the router prior to this.

    You had to know this wouldn't go without a hitch. The steps below are from a previous session that I am following to re-create nextcloud. I have the containers up and running. I ran into trouble at step 2 below. When I first did it I got the correct page where you accept security risk and proceed. When I select my IP to proceed it errors out and I notice that chrome tries to default to my duck dns (photovandoe) so I thought maybe this was a cache problem. Tried it again with Microsoft edge and got the same problem. I have skipped ahead and fixed the nextcloud.subdomain file and the config.PHP file

    backup all your config and data folder you are using for dockers (preserving permissions, e.g. with rsync -a)

    Not sure how to do this.

    deploy the docker using the yaml files from the previous installation (this should use your existing config and data folder)

    I had help from KM0201 when I was unsuccessful installing nextcloud. He worked on it with teamm viewer for about 8 hrs before succeeding. I'm pretty sure I can't repeat this. It was just the yaml file there were several modifications along the way.


    latest: Pulling from containrrr/watchtower
    3ed6cec7d4d1: Pull complete
    d127eddd71e3: Pull complete
    8c144aac9319: Pull complete
    Digest: sha256:ff3ba4f421801d07754150aee4c03fdde26a0a9783d66021e81c7097d6842f25
    Status: Downloaded newer image for containrrr/watchtower:latest
    WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm/v7) and no specific platform was requested

    Looks like that worked ok.