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    Hi David,

    I faced the same problem with the last 3 updates.

    Applying configuration changes after the update brings me to an unusable system. 502 Bad gateway error from the web interface. No more ssh access.

    Rebooting and "undoing" the changes fixed it.

    But actually no revert was done, the required update was still present. And working fine.

    With the latest update (to version 6.0.43-1) I tried directly to select "undo changes" just after the update completion and this just closed the message. The system is updated. No more messages, no errors, no problemes.

    Maybe some more experienced user has an explanation for this behaviour?

    Seems to me... not very logical.

    macom, thank you for your help but I've already completed the installation successfully and since I had problems only with the CD-ROM error just wanted to share with others how I solved.

    To bypass that error it makes no difference if the network is on or not, since the network configuration comes after the CD-ROM discovery.

    Just giving my 5 cents to the issue.