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    Hello people. I got a PowerEdge T320 with 2 Raids on it.

    One mirror 2x2TB

    One Raidz 2 x 4TB.

    I've noticed that when I write something on ZFS I can't get more than 85mb/s and the iowait is 10-20-30% and CPU load 1+.

    When I write something on the mdadm raid I get 110-120-130MB/s. No load or iowait.

    There is no sata cabled or defective mobo as a few suggests. Everything is on Dell's backplane.

    I've switched places though. The same.

    E5-2403 0 @ 1.80GHz

    36GB RAM

    Disks are Red NAS WD. No EFAX. Disks are all EFRX (CMR).

    I got data in there, if not I could re-format the 3x4TB to xfs/mdadm for testing.

    But any suggestions before I reach this are welcome.

    Also tried rsync --progress between RAIDs and on network. Same result. It's not network issue.

    Anything to mdadm/xfs I am getting 120MB+/s

    Anything to zfs is ~85 MB/s max. Sometimes is getting worst, playing around 40-50-60-80 but never more than 85-86MB/s.

    pve kernel. 5.4.78-2-pve

    Am I missing something here ?

    root@vault:~# zpool get all


    vault size 10.9T -

    vault capacity 33% -

    vault altroot - default

    vault health ONLINE -

    vault guid 2601074807953605617 -

    vault version - default

    vault bootfs - default

    vault delegation on default

    vault autoreplace off default

    vault cachefile - default

    vault failmode wait default

    vault listsnapshots off default

    vault autoexpand off default

    vault dedupditto 0 default

    vault dedupratio 1.00x -

    vault free 7.22T -

    vault allocated 3.69T -

    vault readonly off -

    vault ashift 0 default

    vault comment - default

    vault expandsize - -

    vault freeing 0 -

    vault fragmentation 0% -

    vault leaked 0 -

    vault multihost off default

    vault checkpoint - -

    vault load_guid 2237394498164054881 -

    vault autotrim off default

    vault feature@async_destroy enabled local

    vault feature@empty_bpobj enabled local

    vault feature@lz4_compress active local

    vault feature@multi_vdev_crash_dump enabled local

    vault feature@spacemap_histogram active local

    vault feature@enabled_txg active local

    vault feature@hole_birth active local

    vault feature@extensible_dataset active local

    vault feature@embedded_data active local

    vault feature@bookmarks enabled local

    vault feature@filesystem_limits enabled local

    vault feature@large_blocks enabled local

    vault feature@large_dnode enabled local

    vault feature@sha512 enabled local

    vault feature@skein enabled local

    vault feature@edonr enabled local

    vault feature@userobj_accounting active local

    vault feature@encryption enabled local

    vault feature@project_quota active local

    vault feature@device_removal enabled local

    vault feature@obsolete_counts enabled local

    vault feature@zpool_checkpoint enabled local

    vault feature@spacemap_v2 active local

    vault feature@allocation_classes enabled local

    vault feature@resilver_defer enabled local

    vault feature@bookmark_v2 enabled local