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    Hi Craig,

    Thanks a lot. I referenced your idea and finally extend it recently.

    Here is full commands for others who might need to do in the future.

    Assuming /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc are existing 4TB drive, and we are going to add /dev/sdd which is 8TB drive

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your reply. I have a bit question after reading the description.

    1. Can't I simply copy the existing 4TB to my new 8TB disk and change the type of both 4TB disks?

    2. I am not sure whether it's mandatory to format both 4TB disks if I want to convert them from Raid 1 to Raid 0. (Is there any metadata for Raid to work on those disk? or Raid information is stored on system disk and data disks simply contains data?)

    I am working on Linux everyday so it's fine for me to use CLI but just has no experience about creating Raid.

    If possible, could you share your steps? (commands without description is fine for me)

    Thanks in advanced :)

    Hi, could someone give me clues about how to extend the storage?

    Currently I have two 4TB drive in Raid 1. Recently the space is not enough, so I buy a new 8TB disk and hope to have a 8TB Raid 1 storage. That is


    /mnt/sdb (4tb)

    /mnt/sdc (4tb)

    sdb and sdc forms a RAID 1, so available space is 4tb


    /mnt/sdb (4tb)

    /mnt/sdc (4tb)

    new /mnt/sdd (8tb)

    sdb and sdc forms a Raid 0, and then do Raid 1 with sdd, so totally 8tb available

    But I have no experience to achieve it, so some questions need your help:

    1. can this be done simply in web gui?

    2. I guess the idea is to physically remove one of the 4TB disk, then insert new 8TB disk and do sync. Finallly install the removed 4TB disk back and convert those two 4TB disk to Raid 0. is this correct? If possible, please teach me more details. Thanks:)