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    Thank you so much. I just updated both of my servers and they work now. For some reason I had to cd into the sources.list.d folder and rm from there as it didn't work at first.

    I have to admit I think I came across this solution but it didn't work so I moved on. In my frustration I didn't bother to check that the file was removed and kept moving.

    Thank you.

    This morning I logged in to update my server and was met with the following. I have gone through this forum and google quite extensively but cannot find an answer. I tried apt clean, changing DNS and some commands listed in other threads to name a few. I never use the GUI for updating as I usually get at least 1 error. Usually everything goes well. I would rather not reinstall if I don't have to (which has been a common answer to a lot of issues). Any help would be appreciated.


    Just the error,

    and full output.