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    So, I have an intel NUC running on OMV on which I attached

    - 2 HDDs with an external power connection via USB each

    - 1 SSD per USB

    - 1 NVME via USB

    . I used the NVME only for Swap storage.

    Now yesterday the NVME suddenly was missing in the devices and the server obviously wasnt responding very well to swap missing, so it got stuck etc.. I rebooted, but swap didnt come back.

    I checked if the disk was found, but I could not find it even with blkid, lsblk etc. So I unplugged the NVME and plugged it into my laptop.

    In the Laptop it is recognized without a problem.

    I then plugged another USB stick into the problem usb port on the Intel NUC , which didnt get recognized too. (And no DMESG messages).

    When I plug in a keyboard it works flawlessly though. I can type and I see stuff in dmesg about USB plugged in or out when I unplug it, compared to the disk or the usb stick where nothing shows.

    I then checked by booting into a live os if it is recognized there (gparted live), but also there it didnt recognize the disk on the USB port. Whats going on?

    Is the USB port broken?

    You have installed the antivirus OMV plugin. By default it is NOT installed. You have installed it.

    I dont see it as "installed" in plugins tab and I never installed it.

    this is output of dpkg -l | grep clam

    ii  clamav                             0.103.10+dfsg-0+deb11u1              amd64        anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface
    ii  clamav-base                        0.103.10+dfsg-0+deb11u1              all          anti-virus utility for Unix - base package
    ii  clamav-freshclam                   0.103.10+dfsg-0+deb11u1              amd64        anti-virus utility for Unix - virus database update utility
    ii  libclamav9:amd64                   0.103.10+dfsg-0+deb11u1              amd64        anti-virus utility for Unix - library

    Everytime I restart my server, a full scrub starts on all my disks. There is already a job that should do this monthly. Why is it not checking the last runtime and only scrubbing the disks when it was already more than a month since then?

    for me I see



    In the logs. I assumed something with clamav is running...

    I suggest restic for backing up. It uses snapshots and quite a good backup tool. I use it for my backups. You could just run it weekly. Since most is explained in the documentation linked below, I don't have to explain more, but you can read up on it there.

    I think automatic mounting, starting the backup script and unmounting after it is finished have to all be scripted yourself though and you should know how to script with bash a bit.

    Restic Documentation — restic 0.15.2 documentation

    i do... [see a connection to openmediavault]

    Just because some custom script does not run within openmediavault does not mean, that there is a connection to the openmediavault system, for which I suppose this forum is. Scripting in bash and making it work is a general "bash" or "linux" thing, for which there are discord and IRC channels (or google). At least that is what is my opinion.

    Anyways glad it worked. Would be happy if you could press on the "thanks" on my answer and dont forget to mark this thread as resolved :)

    I absolutely agree with the blog post. I am more or less just a user of most open source softwares, but even I can see sometimes how rude people can ask for help.
    I hope even though there are people like this, that you guys realize that these people are a minority - a loud one maybe, but still a minority.
    I think the majority of people appreaciates everyones hard work of every one contributing here. May it be in the form of writing code for openmediavault or helping the users here in the forum.

    So anyways, I'd like to once again say thanks for keeping this project alive and for all the work put into this.
    I hope that you do not get yourself dragged down and demotivated by the people that behave rudely and that do not realize the effort you all take to help people. I hope you can get motivation in what you do, seeing the fruits of your work when you see someone being able to host their own NAS without all the extended knowledge usually necessary for it.