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    Yep but I'm guessing that defeats the point of why you are using LXC.

    Yes, LXC is not ideal for this.

    While you don't need a disk anymore for sharefolders (sharerootfs plugin lets you use a directory), there are still other things OMV does that require something that looks like a real machine.

    I use the plugin in VM. It's a great pity that OMV is not compatible with LXC.

    I don't think OMV has to run in LXC to a be a good tool. OMV in a VM works very well.

    LXC has many advantages over VM - better work with disk space, performance, security, migration.


    please add full support to OMV6 so it can run in LXC container.

    At the moment, it won't even install OMV6, because of systemd-networkd.service.

    Tested on Proxmox7 and Debian Bullseye LXC.

    Thank you very much!