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    I am encountering an issue with Time Machine when using OMV 5.6.26-1.

    For setting up a Time Machine for my 1TB MacBook Pro M1, I followed the guide here:…hine-with-smb-on-omv-5-6/

    For a few months, everything worked smoothly, until an issue arose after my MacBook had been in sleep mode for about a week. When I switched it on, I received an error message stating that the Time Machine store could not be accessed (error 19).

    After restarting OMV, my MacBook indicated that the backups were corrupt and needed to be cleared. When I checked the size of the Shared Folder dedicated to Time Machine (via du -sh .), it was occupying 777G. Regrettably, I did not verify the Used capacity from the OMV Quota menu at this time.

    I deleted the backup from MacOS and things appear to be functioning normally now, with successful backup verification. However, I am concerned that this problem may recur, potentially at a less convenient time, such as when my MacOS is not functioning properly.

    The MacBook System Info shows 727.99 GB of 994.66 GB available, meaning 266.67 GB is occupied, but I assume the OS-related files aren't included in the Time Machine backup, given that OMV shows a Used capacity of 175.89 GiB (and du -sh . shows 176G)

    Still, my Time Machine settings display 1.90 TB available, which doesn't align with the remaining 1872.11 GiB as per OMV Quota. 1.90 TB should be an equivalent to 1.73 TiB.

    I am beginning to suspect that the discrepancy in available space as displayed between OMV and MacOS could have been the root cause of the backup failure.

    Can anyone confirm my suspicion? If this is indeed the case, how should I go about resolving this issue? If not - what might have been the issue?


    I'm looking for a smart way to work with permissions over SMB and native filesystem access (e.g. over SSH).

    The scenario goes as follows:

    - I have three users: bob, alice, media, guest

    - I have several Shared Folders: bob, alice, downloads, common, movies, etc...

    The Shared Folder "bob" is set to read/write for user bob, everyone else is No Access

    The Shared Folder "alice" is set to read/write for user alice, everyone else is No Access

    The Shared Folders "downloads", "common", "movies" is set for read/write for everyone except guest

    Now, the problem is that when bob creates a folder/file in "common" Shared Folder, it's not available for alice.

    Of course, I can I manually set the linux permissions to 775 (or 664 for files or course) to the newly created files (and change the default umask for those files in samba config), but then every member of the group "users" (including guest) will be available to read those if they SSH into the machine with their accounts.

    What are the best recommendations on how to handle this situation? The only thing I can think of is using ACL, but that is doubling the work, as now I have to set permissions both on SMB/CIFS shares as well as ACL :/


    I've set up a certbot renewal via the systemd timer, as following:

    I can see all the logs nice and tidy in `/var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log`.

    How could I setup a notification that sends me an email about the SSL certs being renewed + logs from all the post-renewal-hooks that I have set up?

    One case, that I can imagine is that the most recent certbot version on plain OMV is 0.31.0 (that's the latest on debian buster), where as of today, the certbot 1.19.0 is latest.

    Did anything change since this thread was active? Is it still safe to install snapd on OMV5?