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    My machine is booting to the point of asking for root password for maintenance, or ctl-d to continue.

    I remove a data drive which has being used to transfer out the data and the drive has now been re-formatted ntfs.

    why does the system become completing unusable for the loss of a data drive....crazy.

    how do i get it now?

    Did you look at the output of journalctl -u docker? The docker package failing to start isn't even the fault of OMV. OMV 5 is every bit as good as OMV 4. Volker has mentioned many times that the 4 to 5 upgrade is not supported. If you are willing to move to FreeNAS, why not consider a fresh install of OMV 5 first??

    i installed a fresh version in a virtual box and suffered exactly the same problems.

    losing plex was a disappointment. i preferred the plugin over docker. that's why i installed and removed docker in OMV4.

    when i did a virtual setup of freenas, the plugins went first time without issue.

    don't get me wrong, you guys have done a fabulous job over the years. i've gone from OMV2 through to the OMV 5 and aside from one disaster with the an initial raid failure (which moved me to rsync backups) she has worked liked a charm.

    still failing with latest 4.7.1 update.

    i've given up on OMV5 (shame 4 was superb) moving to freenas.

    Getting the below error on my OMV4->5 upgrade, and exactly the same error on a fresh OMV5 VM install.

    considering all i want is my plexserver back, OMV5 upgrade has been a disaster for me.

    so, stuffed if i can figure it out. the entries are in the syslog.

    They don't display in the ui syslog choice (correct - i guess), but the also don't display in the ui smb choice (incorrect).

    The recording in syslog is working and reflects the level of detail selected.

    votdev hey man, i don't understand how it can be working.

    the smbd_audit entries are being written to /var/syslog - in the default configuration

    The code below, line 265 in openmediavault/deb/openmediavault/usr/share/openmediavault/engined/inc/

    shows it is looking for smbd_audit.log

    That file exists, but is 0 - how are the entries supposed to get from syslog -> smbd_audit.log ?

    \OMV\System\LogFileSpec::registerSpecification("smbdaudit", [
      "command" => "export SYSTEMD_COLORS=0; journalctl --quiet --no-pager ".
        "--priority='notice' --identifier='smbd_audit' --output=short",
      "filename" => "smbd_audit.log",
      "regex" => "/^(\S+\s+\d+\s+\d{2}:\d

    sounds like i might be better off to do a clean install and restore the key settings i.e. kernel options.

    is there are way to backup just the omv config e.g. config.xml and other key files, then restore them onto a clean install

    on another note. to get the amd64-microcode installed i had to modify sources.list


    deb buster main


    deb buster main non-free

    to be able to get it. If i put them both in, it complained about duplicate sources.

    shouldn't that be available from the initial install

    I see you modified the code base to remove the sys_log=23…9ac38c006b49aab6f49239b72

    I have just made the change to my system to see if it works, but no effect. Do i have to run any commands to see it picked up, or just what till next release

    So implementing this change didn't fix it on my side, nor did setting the value to 3.

    The UPS log doesn't show anything in the user interface either.

    is there a way to compare the files that are on the system vs the current omv build to show which ones are different.

    My system has come from 3->4->5 and i wonder if there are residue that is breaking things. docker doesn't work for me either.

    I had installed docker in my OMV4 install (only for plex) and removed it for my preference of the plex plugin (no longer available in OMV5)

    I recently upgraded to OMV5 from 4 and the docker component refuses to install. (don't know if the above is relevant)

    i've tried uninstalling the plugin from gui, dpkg purging, etc. tried to install via CLI and gui - results are the same.

    I'm sorry, i'm out now. The issue works for me on several machines and i know that users are using this feature. So the problem seems to exist only on your machine.

    if i remove the SYSLOG_FACILITY=23 i get output showing connections from different machines...

    Can you please use the following command line for testing. The output should then look like this.

    # journalctl --quiet --no-pager --priority='notice' SYSLOG_FACILITY=23 SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER='smbd_audit'
    May 11 06:32:09 omv5box smbd_audit[1248]: vot||arrakis|/srv/dev-disk-by-id-scsi-0QEMU_QEMU_HARDDISK_drive-scsi0-0-1-part1/test|test|unlink|ok|/srv/dev-disk-by-id-scsi-0QEMU_QEMU_HARDDISK_drive-scsi0-0-1-part1/test/dummy_data.json

    just dropped straight back to command prompt and didn|t display anything

    - Undo ALL your customizations, enable the Audit switch for all shares you want and run omv-salt deploy run samba

    - Start journalctl -f --quiet --no-pager SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER='smbd_audit' in a shell

    So they are definitely being logged, but they are not displayed through the gui syslogs - SMB Audit selection

    May 11 07:51:42 smbd_audit[1502]: media closed file FamilyVideos/MVI_1857.mkv (numopen=1) NT_STATUS_OK
    May 11 07:51:46 smbd_audit[1502]: [2020/05/11 07:51:46.064229,  2] ../source3/smbd/close.c:802(close_normal_file)
    May 11 07:51:46 smbd_audit[1502]: media closed file FamilyVideos/MVI_1857.mkv (numopen=0) NT_STATUS_OK

    Please try the following, the problem is surely not the smb.conf created by OMV, it's something with your system that is not working correct.

    - Is journald running? systemctl status systemd-journal

    I think there is something wrong with that line. i get

    Unit journal.service could not be found

    but if i run journalctl -ax i get items at the current time from the current boot