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    I also removed zfs-mount

    Plugin manager shows version for ZFS plugin

    Mmmmm, you meant this:

    I'm having insserv loop errors involving ZFS when I try to update some other packages like samba or virtualbox, and update/remove is broken.
    This is the output when trying to update:

    Seems that this error appeared before, but no solution was posted.
    I have a ZFS pool in use.

    wowowow... Remove zfs? I have data in there.


    update-rc.d zfs-import disable
    update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
    update-rc.d: error: no runlevel symlinks to modify, aborting!

    Oh... jeje... nevermind, the installation of mediabrowser now isn't viable anymore because the zip package from github. I just tried to update and it removed my installation.
    It's time to start using the emby plugin.

    I think docker it's a nice solution though, but even I marked the repos in extras it never appeared as an available plugin.
    I'll remove mb plugin and try to upgrade omv to v2.0

    Yesterday there was samba and virtualbox updates available, but running the updater throw some errors. Now SAMBA and Virtualbox is stopped.
    This is the output when running apt-get upgrade or omv-update

    Still Kralizec 1.19

    Dear Rolands,

    Unfortunately I can't advise you on implementing in your house one system over another. I only have experience with Domoticz, and very limited, compared to other guys in the Domoticz forums. Also I'm not a big fan of Apple products.
    I recommend you registering on Domoticz forums and posting your questions there.

    Z-Wave works on a mesh network. the stick communicates to the first device and then this device expands the net to the following one. So very large range can be acquired with this. The stick itself it's so cheap, but the devices, being something more smart, are more expensive comparing to RFX ones, for example.

    As for the version upgrade, that's something I've still have pending. I should be generating packages for the new versions, but unfortunately I don't have any time. Supposedly I had holidays the last week, but on the very first day, they phoned me and they where cancelled.

    I'm having an intermittent problem in a server I setup up with OMV for one company.
    The machine is an HP DL380 gen7 and more info for the installation:

    The problem is that periodically the server completely shutsdown and restarts apparently without a reason. Every virtual machine that's running on it has updates disabled. I had some problems before with one VM rebooting for updates and making every other also reboot, so this time I set it stopped.

    The fact is that every time the server reboots, If I go to the log I find a FLUSHALL message just before the reboot.There you can also see that just before the FLUSHALL, the log stops seven minutes, for the time the hardware comes up again:

    That's weird, and it's a problem, because this company has several online services and plenty databases. the VMs completely halt, so I'm worried about data consistency. Please, give me a little help with this.
    If anyone needs more information, I'll give them by PM