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    I tried getting help on this earlier to backup local workstation to OMV, and never got resolution.

    I wound up:

    1) unistalling borgbackup from OMV

    2) initialized a repo in my OMV @ /home/MiddleMan/borgbackups via ssh

    3) run borg to backup workstation via script called by cron job originally, now via vorta. I attached some notes. Hope they help.

    My ssh to /home/MiddleMan is via key; no password authentication allowed.

    I suspect that OMV implementation is to backup OMV and/or data to another location. Not really sure.

    borg_using_ssh_on_OMV (copy).txt

    Interesting. Thanks for the information ryecoaaron. I wasn't aware of that.

    What happened to me a couple of days ago:

    System updated dbus dbus-user-session isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common libdbus-1-3 a few days ago, and OMV requested reboot.

    After rebooting, I decided to update my VM (also Debian based) and noticed that I couldn't ssh in. I am in the webadmin panel for this VM every day, so I investigated. It turns out that KVM was not running because it was no longer installed.

    So I reinstalled the plugin. Evidently, the VM dashboard was not enabled any longer either, so I asked my question, and you reminded me of the widget. I enabled the widget and back to business.

    Still curious how kvm got uninstalled or disabled. But it falls to backup services, so not critical.

    First time editing OMV environment variable - by hand at least... :/

    I'm planning on editing /etc/default/openmediavault and adding the line as follows:


    Is it correct to put double quotes around the numerical value:?:

    Or better to run - THIS IS WHAT THE DOCS SAY TO DO:

    # omv-env set -- OMV_SSL_CERTIFICATE_CHECK_EXPIRY_DAYS "15" :?:

    Then I run:

    # monit restart omv-engined

    # omv-salt stage run prepare

    # omv-salt stage run deploy:?:

    This gives me a little buffer in case I have to go on a trip.

    Thank you! :)

    I set up my OMV to use local certificate for SSL to OMV UI - default of 1 year lifetime. Notification (email) system is set up and tests successfully. OMV system is in use on local LAN only.

    So, my question: Is there a way to configure OMV to notify me (in any way, but especially email) when the local certificate is getting close to expire so I don't run into access issues?


    I deleted the original task 1) Because I set something up incorrectly with the original backup and decided to use dd instead of fsarvhiver. 2) because the interface allowed me to do it.

    As a note, I'm using USB Backup to backup my shares to external USB and seems to be working flawlessly. My new manually run dd is saved to one of those shares, and then copied off to USB, as well.

    I'll try reinstalling and report back.

    Thank you for your time.

    ***Reinstalling openmediavualt-backup has fixed the issue.

    ryecoaaron, I appreciate you being candid, and what you provide to this community. I think that I will disable that from the Workbench view and leave well enough alone. Thanks for your time and explanation.

    Hi all,

    I deleted scheduled backup job and created a new one. However, when I now browse to backup > schedule I get the following:

    500 - Internal Server Error Failed to execute XPath query '//system/crontab/job[uuid='32664b22-5a9d-11ec-8834-6f00f75b23ee']'.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    Hi all,

    I have added sensors option to Dashboard and underneath the header it says "lm-sensors package is not installed and/or configured."

    I'm not understanding how selecting something leads me to not installed supporting packages.

    I have Supermicro X10SRA-F.

    Many thank in advance!

    Usually ISP can tell which service and protocol you are trying to pass through their network, not just limited to standard ports used. I would follow gderf advice to run VPN which has lower risks (assuming you configure it properly).

    Thank you ryecoaaron. I was hesitant to not use GUI because I think that the last zfs plugin I did via apt upgrade created a mess for me to fix, and I swore to stick to GUI after that. I did sudo omv-upgrade and it looks like it worked (logs say 3 succeeded, even though GUI only listed 2).

    So if I want to update via terminal, is omv-upgrade safer than dist-upgrade (generally)?

    I'm still a newb to OMV, so appreciate your patience. Most of the time I have little to no troubles. Appreciate the effort on this distribution, and glad on Debian. I don't hate FreeBSD, but a different moon that I don't have time to explore.