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    After upgrading to 6.0.38 and was prompted to confirm 'pending change', I was getting:


    ID: configure_proftpd_mod_core_default_login_msg

    Function: file.managed

    Name: /srv/ftp/welcome.msg

    Result: False

    Comment: Parent directory not present

    Started: 11:48:00.703999

    Duration: 0.953 ms




    mkdir /srv/ftp

    ... resolves the issue.

    I don't enable the FTP service, FWIW.

    FWIW - came here for this issue. I noticed when I went to reinstall Docker that it returned a "DNS Error". I'd been using Adguard Home with DNS-over-TLS. Reverting to default ISP's DNS on my router fixed this. It also resolved this 504 timeout issue. It ALSO resolved the "Please Wait, Configuration Changes..." taking FOREVER. Now back to normal.

    I suspect that all the various networks I have were all having to time out on similar DNS error, causing everything to take too long and for this 504 timeout to trigger.

    Hope this helps. I'm going to investigate more. I may revert resolv.conf to and see if I can operate that way while maintaining my router's DNS settings to use AGH.

    I had a look at various file browsers a few weeks ago. Wasn't really able to get the OMV File Browser plug in to work for me, so ended up with Cloud Commander. I use the docker image at coderaiser/cloudcmd. Fast, easy, straightforward interface.