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    Hi there

    I will first of all say I am not an IT pro, but can follow instructions and generally not brick stuff!

    I have OMV 0.5.60 installed on an HP Micro Server. At the moment I have a pair of 3TB WD red drives installed, but these are nearing capacity in a straight mirrored RAID config.

    I'm intending to buy 2 more 3TB WD reds to fill the available bays. The server gets used to backup a desktop and laptop on a weekly basis and is largely used for media server duties around the house, so lots of music and large video files.

    Is there a walk through guide to adding additional drives and what steps I need to take in what order for OMV to recognise them?

    Given the above usage what RAID config is recommended? I'm happy to live with 1 drive failure to give maximum storage, but not sure what other factors I need to take into account?

    Grateful for any guidance - I haven't yet ordered the drives but will be doing so shortly.


    Hi David

    Yes, I know. It has always done so and when it's done a full backup it will then start a new date range (usually a month to 6 weeks) at which point it would give you the option to delete the previous months worth of data. It is only a change to backing up to the server managed via OMV that has stopped it from working as it did before (used to back up to a WD NAS before) so I'm assuming it's a configuration issue of some sort


    I've been using my HP micro server with OMV for a while now. It was largely installed by a server-literate friend and I'm not an IT professional, or even particularly IT terminology literate person so please be gentle!

    I have various folder shares setup between my desktop and laptop, both of which run Win7 Pro. I have separate backup folders on my micro server for each machine and they're set to do a weekly backup.

    The issue I'm having is that on both machines when I view my backups and try to manage space, only the most recent backup is visible through backup and restore. On my desktop that's about 350GB plus about 1TB for a system image.

    If I browse to the folder where my backups are stored on the server I have folders dating back to May! At the moment it's not an issue as I'm not short of space, but obviously from a maintenance point of view I don't want to leave the old backups on there when I don't need them. I'm also concerned that if I ever need to do a restore it may not function properly if there's access issues.

    Has anyone else experienced this and can offer some suggestions of settings I might not have setup correctly for the old backups to display?

    When I first noticed it wasn't working properly I tried deleting everything related to backups pre-server in case it was doing something odd, but it's made no difference.

    Any pointers or extra info required to respond gratefully received :)