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    I attempted to install a new system today on a spare machine.

    I tried both 7 and 6.5 with two different USB drives and also Ventoy.

    The issue is that the install stops after the network detection step with the last thing that appears is detecting IVP6 (which I do not have).

    Oddly enough, I tried a Debian net install and it worked with out fail. I suppose I could start with Debian net install and convert?

    thanks in advance for any help.

    Yeah, I figured that out myself. I am happy to report that I was able to do the above. and recreate the snapraid.

    I guess I have one or two other plugins that came from testing. I have not removed and reinstalled them yet. I am not sure how the testing repo was enabled, but it is disabled now.

    It would appear that I have the same issue as above. After doing an update, I get the same errors.

    I look at the plugin sources list and it appears that I had the testing enabled without knowing it.

    I have attached the info requested above I will hold off uninstalling and reinstalling . I appreciate any help.

    At the risk of necrobumping, I would like to say I am looking for a solution to this issue. I am seeing the above aquota error when attempting to balance the mergerfs pool. It already has most free space setup but is using one disk out of the pool. I have one pooled disk filling up and the parity disk is filling up, but next to nothing on the second pool disk.

    Is there a way around this without nuking the data?