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    I actually just tried in a VM the same thing without encryption and the result is the same, so it's probably totally unrelated to encryption.

    As a pointer mdadm, OMV's software raid is not hot swappable like hardware raid, if a drive has died it gets removed from the array and it's displayed as clean/degraded, add a drive, wipe it, then recover on raid management.

    Can you simulate a drive failure -> No, if you 'pull' a drive from an array the raid become inactive.

    What I don't understand is, let's imagine one of the dive is completly ruined when the server is off, to the point where it is not recognised in the bios and all the other drives are OK. How is it different from pulling out a drive?

    I'm supposed to be able to rebuild the array with another drive. The array become inactive, it makes sense, I suppose that's why it no longer appear in the GUI.

    When I tried to search more details with the command line, I was able to confirm the array is indeed inactive, but it is recognised as a 4 disks array instead of 5 and RAID0 instead of RAID5 :


    Raid Level : raid0

    Total Devices : 4"

    I'm kind of lost.


    I created a RAID 5 array with the RAID Management tab from OMV 5, then I encrypted that array and then I created the biggest filesystem possible. If I reboot OMV, that filesystem is only available when I decrypt the array.

    My problem is I just realized by trying different things with Virtualbox (removing one disk from the array and adding a new empty one) that if I lose one disk I can't rebuild the RAID array with a new disk (the Recover button is greyed and my array disappeared), am I wrong? Is it because I encrypted the array afterward? I thought once the array is created the RAID 5 would just act on encrypted data like it would on unencrypted and it would not matter.

    I don't have enough space to backup what's on that array elsewhere, so before reinstalling OMV (one my docker container don't work as it should anymore and I don't know enough to fix it) on my system drive I wanted to try in a virtual machine and now I'm worried if one drive fails I lose all my data.


    I'm having a problem with the notification email alert, that is currently literally spamming me.

    I don't see anything wrong with my system but I might be wrong. The problem is I'm getting, a new email every 2 or 3 minutes :


    Even though I thought my notification settings didn't include whatever that notification is : QHkNYdsQHkNYds.jpg

    Can you help me figure this out please? I still want the notification if there is a real problem that might endanger my data.

    The is what's inside the email I receive :


    The system monitoring needs your attention.

    Host: \Hanekawa.pace

    Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2020 12:35:40

    Service: nginx

    Event: Connection failed

    Description: failed protocol test [HTTP] at []:443 [TCP/IP TLS] -- HTTP: Error receiving data -- Connection timed out

    This triggered the monitoring system to: restart

    You have received this notification because you have enabled the system monitoring on this host.

    To change your notification preferences, please go to the 'System | Notification' or 'System | Monitoring' page in the web interface"

    I unchecked enable in the "Monitoring" tab and saved. But I'm still receiving the emails.

    I'm currently using Freenas and the system is very truncated preventing me from compiling having manual etc, etc... And there's no easy way to restore the system to it's full potential.
    For my next NAS I'm interested in openmediavault mainly because of that, and I'd like to know if the system is truncated or not. If it is, is there an easy way to restore it? So that I can compile rtorrent, use PERL scripts and have crontab run some small scripts or even run an email server? Use aptitude or apt-get.
    All your informations will be appreciated ;)