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    It is the way veeam interacts with smb shares, look at the knowledge base, that is why setting up and iSCSI is the recommended approach for veeam backups

    and that wasn't answered as it was outside the scope of this and forum and omv, but we do try and assist as best we can

    I didn't find it in addonsI iSCSI

    Hello. I have installed OMV6 and SMB service. Created users and shared folder. I copied the necessary folders / files into it, connected this folder to employees. All OK. But there is one problem. I set up veeam to create backups and it works. But it cannot backup files created by users. Those files that I copied, maybe, but the newly created ones are not. I gave veeam permissions to write / read folders - it does not help. :/

    These are warnings to veam that he did not back up this data:

    files on behalf of uralaiti - saves

    from another name - no

    uralite is my user, I copied files under this name