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    I might be, but if you take a look at this link:, in minio RELEASE.2022-05-26T05-48-41Z and before, it looks like if you created files in the filesystem (the OMV shared folder), you then see those files via the S3-compatible API.

    Now, this no longer works (tested today). The only way to add files, and see them in the S3-compatible API is to upload them via the S3-compatible API.

    I set up openmediavault-s3 today and configured it up to use an existing shared folder.

    I then visited the Minio admin page and started configuring access.

    Very few of the folders actually appeared in the output of aws s3 ls and I wasn't able to find a way to force Minio to scan my files.

    This is because the Minio developers have removed support for existing files since openmediavault-s3 was implemented.

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    The changes mean that openmediavault-s3 is only a one way link between Minio's S3-compatible API and the shared folder, whereas before it was a two way link.

    The changes will also make it awkward if any of the minio metadata gets corrupted and you need to reinstall minio. You then need to re-upload all your data.

    I can see why the Minio developers have made this change, but it definitely impacts the usefulness for self-hosters with a single filesystem.