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    alright maybe is that better, or just patience and wait on the pci-e ssd.
    Maybe I can get them faster in the NL, but lot more expensive.

    so the momentus xt hybrid drive wouldn't be good for this repartioned setup?

    Wear-Leveling Algorithm Dynamic and static wear-leveling :)
    Maybe I will order this thing soon, I'm going give it a try first at regular usb stick, maybe I can clone this to the new device when arrived...shall take some time I quess.

    Thanks for your help!

    I can find mini pcie ssd drives for reasonable prices which are dynamic and static wear leveling.
    But omv does use the whole drive for it, what if I install first on usb, and the copy the complete usb drive to a partition on that pcie ssd?
    Or is another way possible to share the disk, its a shame to give away 32 gb for install only

    OK not good at all.

    Why does the wiki says did actually?

    Minimum Requirementsi486 or amd64 platform
    1 GiB RAM
    2 GiB HDD/DOM/CF/USB Thumb Drive used as OpenMediaVault system drive.
    NOTE: The entire disk is used as system disk. The disk can not be used to store user data.1 HDD for data storage

    ah well, I will see, have enough 2gb stick which I can abuse for this. Hopefully is OMV settings exportable?

    Hi tnx for quick response.

    For your answer on question 2, the original internal dom (2 or 4gb) are normally used for booting the thin client over and over again, are these really not good for the OMV installation?


    I'm new here, and would like to share my plans, maybe is there someone who can tell me a few things.
    At the end of this week I get 2 free T5740 thin clients. It has an atom n280 1.6ghz
    At 1 of these I would like to install OMV on, with a single 2.5 drive. it has to be a low cost single drive NAS, and silent too.
    I'll have enough on a cifs share, to put some movies on. the other thin client will be installed with xbmc and put near to my tv. So I can stream easily some movies with a mobile phone as remote and so on.

    I know already that I dont have to expect some high end speeds on the NAS, but thats no problem at all. But with the hardware I have, I want to make it as fast as possible.

    My questions:

    1. Standard memory is 2gb, but had expansion slot for a second dimm. dimms are cheap, but will it help to make the system at 4gb? the atom is 32bit instruction set.
    2. is a 2gb usb stick good enough, or should it be better to use the onboard Disk On Module for the installation of OMV? Maybe faster booting somehow? (the NAS would not be on every day only when needed)
    3. Will a hybrid hdd drive perform better than a regular drive? I have a Seagate momentus XT 500GB which has 4gb nand on it, if not is maybe better to buy new 1tb or larger disk.
    4. Is a SSD maybe a better option, or shall the writing speeds depends on the gigabit ethernet controller?
    5. There is a 44 pin ide and a mini pci-e slot onboard, can I put there a dom or ssd card on it to use as swap or cache controller or is that stupid to do?
    6. Has someone already tried to get domoticz running as plugin? :)
    7. Maybe I will install sabnzb on it, will it give problems to install, I've seen a plugin manual which looks easily..

    sorry for these maybe stupid questions but I'm very new to OMV and hopefully I get some nice answers. On the freenas forum its very commercial, they laughin over this and only want you to get some high end stuff and so on. Nas4Free sounds better but I think OMV is the real best for this kind a low budget setup :saint: