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    Is there any way, when mounting the drives for the first time, I can mount them by label instead of by UUID? That way instead of having a drive mounted at /media/xxxxxxxx I could have it mounted at /mnt/disk1 or something like that? I think this will be easier to manage when I create my mergefs pool (which I'd like to mount at /mnt/media-pool) and my snapraid parity drive (/mnt/parity1).

    Oh, and in case it matters, I registered my domain at and pointed it at a DuckDNS subdomain (like that I set up to always find my WAN address. I then went to CloudFlare and registered a free account and am using CloudFlare's nameservers through my address.

    The logs dont usually lie ;) If you use dns-validation you dont have to expose port 80 btw.
    The next step would be the right configuration of the ombi.subdomain.conf in config/nginx/proxy-conf/ (did you create a c-name for ombi?).

    So the CNAME thing I'm not sure I did right. I pointed a CNAME record with * as the subdomain at my domain's main URL.

    For the ombi.subdomain.conf I just ran "mv ombi.subdomain.conf.sample ombi.subdomain.conf" and left it at that. Do I need to change something in the file itself?

    Getting the certificates seemed to work, at least my docker logs -f indicated it did. I set up LE

    like that.

    I currently have my OMV machine set up with a static IP ( behind a pfSense appliance which handles routing (running pfsense 2.4). I have a dynamic DNS service through DuckDNS and a domain name reserved. What I would like to do is set up a reverse proxy so that I can expose certain applications for my users to log in, like Ombi, to make requests for things to add to Plex.

    I started looking at guides for Letsencrypt and Nginx, but couldn't get that to work. I know that pfsense has a haproxy app, but the configuration guides I found were less than helpful at getting it all set up.

    What's the smartest way to accomplish what I want?

    What the current plan is (shout out to Reddit for helping me here) is to migrate my server to a rackmount and use a PCIe card and a DAS (basically more disks) to set up my system with two mergerfs pools and rsync between them. Once the initial rsync is done, shut down the old system, do one last rsync, and then remove the old disks.

    I have also taken to heart the danger in having 22TB and no RAID, and I've ordered 4 more 10TBs so I can set up a proper raid and have a failsafe, plus a new server chassis/rack solution, which should be more extensible in the future than a simple tower.

    Can anyone give me some more advice on this? I really need to migrate everything over to the new drives but am afraid I don't know how.

    Here's the current setup:

    OMV Box (The Vault): 10 disks of various size, totaling 28TB, 22TB used. In a Cooler Master mid-tower chassis. No free SATA ports on motherboard. Two disks in a USB3 docking station (with a spare bay). OMV system is on a SSD. 10 other disks are in a mergefs pool.

    What I want to do: swap old 10 disks to 4 new disks, growing my mergefs pool to 40TB. I will add more disks later to do a Snapraid but right now I just want my data on new disks.

    What I have: 4-bay USB3 docking station, time, middling know-how. Not afraid of CLI, rsync, or anything like that. I have a windows PC nearby and a dedicated screen for the NAS.

    Existing path, most free space. Didn't change from the default.

    I have a regular tower chassis, but it's pretty big. I don't have any free slots for drives, which is why I was hooking things up with a USB3 docking station.

    Is there something with WinSCP that I can do that I can't do with my Samba shares or SSH into my OMV machine from PuTTY?

    Thanks for the advice. I want to set up SnapRAID too, but I don't know how.

    So on the merged drive I have: my raw media files and my plex database (nothing else). All of my docker containers and OMV system are on a SSD. What I want to do is copy all of my media and my Plex database to the new, larger drives.

    I don't know what a "storage policy" is (I suppose "retain everything" fits) and yes, I am familiar with the command line.

    Like, let's say my mergefs partition is called "media," because it is. And it has as subfolders /Music, /TV, /Movies, /Comics, etc.

    Can I mount a new partition, call it media2, and then just use rsync or whatever to transfer /media/Music to /media2/Music, etc., and then, when I've transferred everything, umount /media, take the system down, swap out the disks, and remount /media2 as the new /media in OMV?

    I have a ~28TB mergefs partition that I've cobbled together from a lot of small disks. However, I'm starting to worry about hard drive performance, because these disks are 4-5 years old at this point. I want to swap them out to a set of 4 10TB hard drives I just bought, but what is the most economical way to clone my existing mergefs partition so that I don't have to rebuild my entire OMV system from scratch? I have about ~21TB of data.