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    I am using 'USBbackup' for several years now to backup my data to USB drives regularly. These USB drives are formatted with NTFS for accessability from Windows PC. 'USBbackup' mounts these drives at start of the backup process, and unmounts them once it is finished. With OMV 5 I used to check the status of the backup just by checking, if the backup drive was still mounted.

    With OMV 6 this is not possible, since the NTFS drive (mounted by 'USBbackup') is not shown in files systems! The following two snapshots illustrate, that the drive is properly mounted ('lsblk'), but not shown under 'file systems':

    I believe, this is a bug, since NTFS is a supported file system (and it works in my case without problems), and should be shown under 'file systems' as well, once the disk is mounted.

    Or did I miss something?