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    With these options you are logging user connections and disconnections (not ever), data reads and write (in last samba versión added to OMV this isn't working), directory creation, file & dir renaming and file & dir deleting.

    Try to add "openat" or "fcntl" to increment verbosity (maybe will be necessary to you)

    Take in account that move is create a new file and delete the original.

    At the moment I didn't find a better solution ever using other supposed operations available like: read & write (with their respective variant), etc.

    Best wishes and give us feedback..

    Hi! What a coincidence! I have just a post a comment about that some minutes ago.

    The problem is the vfs_full_audit module used in Samba. They change operations values quite often and (I think) randomly and meaninless.

    Look my post. I home it could help you...

    King regards.

    Hi! Seems that the problem persists nowadays.

    OMV, by default, already configures invalid operation values for vfs_full_audit module in Samba. So, by default, a full audit logging is activated and you are going to found lot of "trash" in the logs (all operations are logged). I think that this vfs_full_audit module behaviour sucks... sigh...

    I have searched and investigated a little and at the moment I discovered that the below options are working (but something changed again recently in vfs_full_audit and pread & pwrite don't do nothing at all now).

    Here is what I do (you could use it as a script):

    # Registering user, ip, netbios name and object with full path.

    omv-env set -- OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_AUDIT_PREFIX "%u|%I|%m|%S"

    # Logging connections, disconnections, reads (not working), writes (not working), dir creation, renaming (associated to files & dirs and also sometimes object creation) and deleting (dir & files). You could add "openat" or "fcntl", but are too verbose.

    omv-env set -- OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_AUDIT_SUCCESS "connect disconnect pread pwrite mkdirat renameat unlinkat"

    # By default at OMV, actually it isn't necessary to set it up

    omv-env set -- OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_AUDIT_FAILURE "connect"

    # Using a specific log file, but it you could keep it in local7 if you prefer (syslog log file). It is necessary to configure syslog and logrotate.

    omv-env set -- OMV_SAMBA_SHARE_AUDIT_FACILITY "local5"

    # By default at OMV, actually it isn't necessary to set it up


    # And finally we configure OMV...

    monit restart omv-engined

    omv-salt stage run prepare

    omv-salt stage run deploy

    The last one last a little, be patient. Now those omv environment variables are set up and omv is configured, so when you check "audit" in a share, audit options are configured correctly into "smb.conf" file.

    I hope that vfs_full_audit module will stop changing operations values and their meaning this way... this is crazy. Specially in a production environment. Options above aren't the best for me, because I miss some activity, but I haven't found anything better at the moment.

    Maybe developers could consider to change the actual default operation values to updated ones, but I understand that this is a nightmare.

    Hope that this could be useful to anyone. I'm going to keep following this functionality because it is quite important for me.

    Kind regards.