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    Yes I am aware of that, it was a cut and paste error..., but I could have used sudo -i first...

    but it would not change anything..

    Found a solution ...

    for some reason myhostname was raspiberry.43200...

    changed it to omvpi3.local...

    Edit /etc/postfix/ file by using:

    sudo nano /etc/postfix/

    Now, change:

    myhostname =


    myhostname = your_hostname #name of your hostname

    Now reboot your system and run:

    sudo apt install -f


    I am trying to install OMV5 on RPI4 and RPI3 using this guide https://raw.githubusercontent.…ing_OMV5_on_an%20R-PI.pdf

    I get the same errors on RPI4 SSD boot and on RPI3 SDCARD boot, I have had it working about a year ago with no errors,

    its a clean install using 2021-03-04-raspios-buster-armhf-lite.img.

    Thanks in advance...

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ wget -O - /installScript/raw/master/install | sudo bash

    --2021-04-07 11:19:58-- tallScript/raw/master/install