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    Hallo, das tut mir leid aber ich werde auf Englisch schreiben.

    The Minidlna package version 1.0.25 is not working right. I would do the following:

    1) uninstall the plugin

    2) apt-get purge minidlna



    4) dpkg -i minidlna_1.0.24+2_all.deb

    5) reinstall the plugin in omv

    6) then reconfigure minidlna plugin in the open media vault gui

    you may have to configure some stuff manually in the /etc/minidlna.conf via cli using nano. on my config i'm using eth1 and the default was eth0. so not
    all configuration options are available in the omv gui. do not upgrage to the 1.0.25. wait til a newer version is released and see if people are having problems with it before you upgrade. 1.0.25 did not install some of the needed folders for that version to function properly. also the minidlna.conf in 1.0.25 does not function properly with the plugin.

    Watch this vid... It's funny

    You can probably fix most of that system by

    apt-get install openmediavault

    Then you'll have to re add the plugins.

    I ran across this issue when I installed a full desktop. In earlier versions of OMV it didn't remove packages but the latest version with all updates removed a shitload of packages when I installed a full desktop.
    It seems like when you install a package, and dependencies, if there is any version conflict with existing packages it will remove the existing package and any existing package that is dependent on it. It doesn't even give a warning before removing the packages and let you opt out. Really sad.

    Trying to mix Samba shares and FTP is a bad idea. I think the reason you are doing this is you want an easy way to upload/download files to the ftp/webfolders. Better to create a chrooted folder seperate from the Samba stuff and use Filezilla to upload/download stuff to the ftp server. If you only have a few users maybe you should look at using vsftp and using virtual users (authenticating with pam). I don't like the setup Volker has and this is what I'm doing. I'm not going to spoon feed you but I'll give you a link. The virtual users you can give same userid and pass as a real user or make up new ones. I don't like my ftp server having a real user to my systems that is why i use virtual users. If you search Google you can find many more examples of people using debian, vsftp, pam and virual users. Volker has done enough work and he isn't here to cater to you. Read and learn. Good Luck.


    And what is your problem Volker? You spend to much time catering to cry babies with poor linux knowledge, or as ses like Daniel Haischt, whilst ignoring people that treat you with respect.

    Thanks to Marcel or Ian, not sure who deserves the credit. I just have had the time to use the Virtual Box plugin. It works great. So much so that I'm going to tear apart my ESXi server and use the parts in other projects. The php web interface was nice and easy to use. I did a vm of Windows 8. What a frickin disaster Microsoft has on their hands with that one. Once the vm was setup I used Microsoft's Remote Desktop client and it was "silky smooth" (lol, stolen from Adam Sandler's character in Dont Mess with the Zohan). I'm talking in regards to the functionality of the plugin. Windows 8 is like the Titanic's first voyage. If they put that puppy to sea it's going down.

    He should do as I said above and test his board with a live cd. If it goes gigabit with a live cd there may be a prob with his omv iso. This would also rule out a hardware, or bios, issue so why not get smart instead wasting time messing with the kernel. Again, this board worked fine for other people on install.

    Webmin not have enough features, LOL.... Maybe you need to take some time to learn how to use webmin. How many plugins does webmin have? over 100... over 200... over 300??? For newer ppl it has a third party SSH2 client plugin for command line, so you can do that in webmin too. The installed SSH client is outdated so you need to install the third party SSH2 client. The little lag in the java client when using the File Manager is nothing, unless maybe if you have a crappy machine. It is not as pretty as other File Managers but it fills OMV's gaps and then some.

    Uh, yes it can. Test it with a live cd of something like ubuntu. If it not going gigabit then maybe you should try updating latest bios. I just checked old forum and it worked for them. I have one running WHS 2011 and gigabit not a prob. Checked old forum cuz didn't know if there was a driver issue but it seemed to work fine on install.

    Volker, FYII on a new install from ISO my Syslog was getting filled up with PHP errors. Was problem with the Eastern/US timezone. Changed to America/NY and errors stopped.

    Hi Volker, it would seriously be nice to have a debian section in forums to discuss other issues related to debian and omv. Many of us are going beyond a simple installation of omv and I for one would really appreciate this. I requested it before and area30 just blew me off. I am interested in other programs or things people are doing on their installation, and others may be interested in things I'm doing as well. I do not plan on joining the Debian forum, not enough time.


    PS- if anyone agrees please comment.

    Follow instructions on this link below to install webmin via root user in a SSH session, I use Putty for SSH sessions. You can copy and paste the commands from the webpage. After you install you may need to run the command "apt-get -f install" if there are some needed dependencies that did not install. Then you'll need to open port 10000 on your OMV firewall. Also, you will need to have java installed on your client machine for the filemanager in webmin to work. You connect by using the following: https://ipofyouromv:10000 where ip of your omv is 192.168.1.x (e.g.

    PS- the filemanager is under the "other" option on the left once in webmin.