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    Schon mal versucht den Container im -host Mode zu starten? Dann kämst du eher auf die lokalen IPs. Wird auch so beschrieben im Docker Image...


    Host vs. Bridge

    If you use IPTV, SAT>IP or HDHomeRun, you need to create the container with --net=host and remove the -p flags. This is because to work with these services Tvheadend requires a multicast address of and a UDP port of 1900 which at this time is not possible with docker bridge mode. If you have other host services which also use multicast such as SSDP/DLNA/Emby you may experience stabilty problems. These can be solved by giving tvheadend its own IP using macavlan.


    Habt ihr ne TV Karte Verbaut oder wollt ihr IPTV via Fritzbox schauen?

    If you use a good SD card and the flashmemory plugin, it will rund for very long... However, if you have set up everything properly, just make a copy of your SD and store it anywhere. So it is easy for your to just remove and reinsert the new SD.

    If you HDD will die, your data as well as your system will die too. So you definitely need to reinstall completely.

    Try searching for „host website with docker“. Honestly. If you fuck up, just your docker is a mess and not your whole OMV system.

    Depending on what your website is all about (static website? Wordpress? Sth else?) You need to setup more or less things via Docker.

    Der Mac nutzt erfahrungsgemäß auch via LAN nicht die volle Verbindung. TimeMachine ist ja so konzeptioniert, dass es den laufenden Betrieb nicht stören darf. Entsprechend wird die Verbindung im Hintergrund nur selten voll ausgenutzt werden.

    Auch meine Empfehlung: Initialbackup via LAN (ich mache das meist über Nacht), alles weitere ist ohne Probleme via WIFI zu machen

    Ich arbeite ausschließlich mit EXT4 formatierten Speichermedien.

    Sollte TimeMachine tatsächlich bei 50% der User nicht funktionieren, würdest du sicherlich mehr Threads hier finden. ;)

    Da ist letztendlich nicht viel dabei:

    • Shared Folder einrichten
    • User berechtigen
    • Shared Folder via SMB (oder AFP) teilen
    • Haken bei TimeMachine setzen
    • Ggf. Quota einrichten
    • Ab sofort kannst du den Ordner auf deinem Mac auswählen als Sicherungsmedium.

    tgt... Man kann auch mit der Kirche ums Dorf...

    Vorausgesetzt du nutzt OMV 5.x, kannst du das normal mit SMB machen. Ansonsten musst du zusätzlich über AFP den Ordner bereitstellen.

    Wichtig ist, dass du bei dem Shared Folder, den du via TimeMachine nutzen willst, auch den Haken setzt, dass es ein TimeMachine Volume sein soll.

    AFP is preferred and recommended by everyone who ever used MacOS and OSX, cause you can and you will use special characters like " : ; / \ '"" ? * + # " in filenames!

    I´m using OSX. I have never seen the necessity to use such a special character in any file name at all. I was hoping for years that Apple switches to SMB to eliminate the AFP protocol. Since Timemachine can also use SMB I fully dropped it at home and for several clients. Never had any problems at all.

    Yes. WOL as well as scheduled is possible.

    Assuming your hardware is compatible, just enable it via GUI in your OMV settings.

    First things first: Raid is no backup. So, do you really need the high availibility of a RAID?

    I´d never do a Raid setup again. I´ve had so many problems (degraded Raids, missing volumes etc...) Just search the Forum.

    I know, many people say "cloud is bad". But honestly, for a safe and cheap backup - nothing is better. If you choose the right service, backing up data is their key competence.

    I say "cheap" because I´ve been thinking about the last years what is important and what is not. So I think about every file what goes on any of my NAS drives --> "is it really important?" And then I decide where to store: My setup at the moment are just some big drives for data and some smaller drives for important stuff. Data is not backed up in any way. I can live with that. Important stuff is backed up to a big external HDD (for fast access if main hdds fail) and for a worst case scenario also into the cloud.

    To answer at least a few of your questions:
    If you want to use just a RasPi to do everything, I suggest the DAS to do the Raid.