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    So if I try to watch movies on my raspberry pi plex will stream it and everything is fine but if I go to plex on my laptop I can not make any movies or tv shows play. If I let it spin for long enough an error appears stating: Conversion failed. The transcoder exited due to an error.

    Anyone else also experiencing this?


    After looking around and seeing a bunch of posts about fstab and noexec I made some changes and now its working.
    It looks like the issue was caused by plex now storing on volumes.

    heres another question....
    In the case of rutorrent docker, if I make changes to the settings like limit download and upload speeds when the container is restarted it did not retain my changes I made but does retain knowledge of the downloads.

    If I hit commit in the plugin section of openmediavault and launch that container it also does not store the changes I made.

    How can I make these changes stick?


    so here is what happens if I enable the plugin and set location of docker base path (I just set it to my storage partition)

    then after I click ok on that if I hit apply configuration changes I get the following error.

    this is the error about filesystem not existing.
    Any help would be awesome.
    Again this is a fresh install of OMV 3.


    Is the docker plugin working under 3.0.63? I am running a fresh install with kernel: 4.9.0-0.bpo.1-amd64.
    Currently I am having an issue with just initializing the plugin. If I initialize it theres tons of errors that keep telling me to apply changes or revert. If I apply more of the same errors occurs.

    So I am seeing if this is just an issue with erasmus being beta still. Also its weird that some of the errors will say that I don't have a filesystem in place but I browsed to get the location I used.


    thanks for the post @tekkb, I updated today and went into freak out mode when plex stopped working. As mentioned disabling and re-enabling solved the problem.

    I almost feel like plex is making changes to just do it. I know my ps3 app keeps updating and losing functionality which is crazy to me. It also is super slow to navigate through the menus now.

    Im glad OMV has such an active community and issues like this are addressed super fast.

    On a side not is there any way to get the codec folder to populate with every possible codec without it having to download on demand?


    The set up is that I have openmediavault install doing its thing on its own partition as it likes. Then I have another partition called "storage" which is 1tb. This 1tb is where docker container is, media is, and everything else. All permissions are reset on storage and all sub directories on every reboot. So it also breaks docker on every reboot because docker can not find the container folder. But it also breaks sooner as sooner can not find its folder for tracking downloads. Plex can not stream media as it can not access the folder that contains media.

    I do not know if that makes the setup make more sense.

    no. I think it has been happening ever since I set up SMB/CIFS. Every reboot results in no shares being accessible by any one but root. This has also subsequently messed up auto-start of containers in docker as those containers are stored on the share that does not even allow read access on every reboot. What could cause a permission reset on every reboot?


    For about a month or so now every time I reboot I have to reset the file permissions in Access Rights Management or admin users can not access files.
    I am using kernel 3.16 (using docker) and openmediavault version 2.2.1
    If I manually set permissions as root from console it still resets on reboot. This is obviously an issue when a reboot auto starts things such as a smb share and plex which all will not be able to function if they can not even read files.


    just tried to run updates and received a docker error:

    docker is currently running fine but did not know if other people saw a similiar error. thanks.

    I have no idea I had all kinds of issues with omv-engined using all cpu resources and plex freezing up on top of docker issue.

    I just ran updates again and restarted now omv-engined is calm, plex is the only thing eating cpu and docker is magically enabled and the container working....... If system was working before the restart and no updates were ran why would things be messed up. Either way its now working.


    OK. I restarted my system today and now the container for rutorrent would not start.

    I decided to disable the plugin and then enable it again. Now it says "saving" for an extended period of time followed by:
    "communication failure" being displayed
    If I click details it just states the same thing.

    I also made sure I was running the backport kernel.


    yes I read the guide but it wasn't as in-depth as I need for my own comprehension lol.

    I was trying to look at the attached images to get a idea of what I should be doing. I saw there was a host reference of 8081 and an exposed port of 8080.

    I believe Im on the right track as I was reading your readme on github for the same package and you had some detail in it.

    yes, thank you.
    Now I was looking at the "run image" option and the fields are intimidating.
    From the docker page for the image it states:


    Web UI ports: 80 and 443
    DHT UDP port: 49160
    Incoming connections port: 49161
    Downloads volume: /downloads
    rtorrent scratch files (watch and .session will be created automatically): /downloads
    ruTorrent ui config (config will be created automatically): /downloads/config

    What do I fill in for the fields? I'm guessing if I leave webUI ports 80 and dont change it will interfere with getting to openmediavault webUI.
    so do make host port: 80 and custom port: (something else) ?
    And volumes / bind paths would just be like my storage path and then whatever I want it to appear as within the container?

    I figured it out, you were right about tags but I did not know enough till I was looking around on site to see what you probably meant.

    Tag Size
    64-latest 161 MB
    32-latest 276 MB
    64 150 MB
    32 261 MB

    I was trying to use the repo included with the plugin. I gave it a few minutes and nothing changed. When I tried the sickrage repo you created it started showing things happening instantly.

    I tried adding tag of latest and nothing changed when I ran it. I do not know much about docker so I'm probably not giving very useful troubleshooting info.

    when I try to pull from the repo rutorrent I get the following:

    Pulling repository

    but nothing else happens.

    I did not change anything from defaults just hit enable plugin.

    **** to further expand I tried to sickrage repo and that instantly worked.

    So maybe theres an issue with how the repo is for rutorrent??

    thanks again.