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    I'm trying to move files from one folder to another. The first try never moves everything, but only a part of it.
    I have to start the operation a second time to move the files completely.

    I'm using SMB, Snapraid and Unionfilesystem on EXT4 (btw. I tried totalcommander and the "normal" Explorer, it's the same issue).

    What could be the issue?`

    The service is running normally and I'm the owner of the folders.


    Bei mir genau dasselbe Problem:


    I had some trouble to set up OMV again.
    Now I have it running on an ESXi host, but I still have a problem.
    I always get the error:
    print_req_error (see attachment)

    I already searched for it on google, but I couldn't find anything to solve my problem.
    Somehow it seems the disk has a problem, but it's a virtual disk and I also checked the Intel SSD it's running on. It doesn't have any problems according to the Intel Tool.

    Any suggestions what I can try to do?

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    Hi votdev

    I tied your solution but it returns the same error message

    Is there a possibility to find out what's causing the problem with collectd?

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    I tried to upgrade an existing OMV installation.
    I was wondering if somebody could indicate a way to safe the system, otherwise I'll do a complete reinstall.

    I get the following error messages, do you have any suggestions what I can do to fix the system?

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    I tried to install PlexPy on OMV 3.0, but it never starts automaticallly.

    I checked the /lib/systemd/system path and there is no plexpy.service as suggested in this explaination:…ripts/init.ubuntu.systemd

    Edit: I got rid of the error somehow. To use Plexpy I have to run "python" everytime in /opt/plexpy otherwise it doesn't work. The Service listens on port 8181 (as far as I know the standard port).

    It seems the launch routine of it is broken (same everytime I reinstall the whole thing).

    Any suggestions on what I could try to do?

    Kind regards

    I made a symlink (as somebody mentioned) to the database and reinstalled the package, but now I can't start the service anymore... any suggestions?


    I used "unlink Codecs" in /opt/plexcodecs, as this symlink seemed to cause the problem, now it works again.. though I wonder for how long.

    plexpy is still not working, but well that's "nice to have"

    Seems this is also related to my problem.

    I removed the plugin and everything on disk.
    Reinstalled the new version (3.8.1), switched the directory and still plex installs in the default location (although in OMV I can see the correct path).

    It seems something is still causing problems here...


    I've got a problem renaming or deleting some folders (I get the message "ungültiges Gerät" probably "invalid device" in English).
    But usually there's no problem with most folders, what can I do to troubleshoot this?

    Somehow one folder had root as owner, don't ask me why.
    I changed the other one with chown, I'm the owner now, but still I can't access the folder "you are not allowed to..." rights are the following: drwxrwsr-x

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    I'd like a plugin for crashplan (found it in the qnap app store, would be nice to have it for omv as well).
    I've seen that it's possible to install the debian version and manage it through another client, but that's less user friendly imho.



    I installed the calibre plugin and I always get the following error:

    Btw.: If the Calibre Service is running, do I have to suspend it every time I want to change somthing in the calibre library?

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    I'd just like to ask a couple of questions, I read through a lot of threads, but in the end there's no manual which covers everything.
    In my system I use SnapRAID and AUFS.

    • Is it the only possiblity to set permissions on each harddrive?
      So everytime somthing changes in AUFS/gets moved wherever i've to reset the permissions on those specific folders?
    • If I enable the "for all folders and subfolder" thing, will this only concern the folder which is selected at that time?
    • Is there a possibility to rename shared folders? (it's grayed out)
    • How are the privileges and the permissions (ACL) related? Is there a best practice?
    • Plex can't load one specific folder, even though I changed the permissions as mentioned in the first question for the user plex. What could be the problem?
    • I installed sickbeard and headphone but for both of those plugins I only get Error Messages (do they work?), SABnzbd's working though.


    400 Bad RequestIllegal cookie name X-OPENMEDIAVAULT-WEBGUI-$1$BHmEIoBH$UiqFK/bUj8vmhi3SID1tC/
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/opt/sickbeard/cherrypy/", line 625, in respond
    File "/opt/sickbeard/cherrypy/", line 724, in process_headers
    raise cherrypy.HTTPError(400, msg)
    HTTPError: (400, 'Illegal cookie name X-OPENMEDIAVAULT-WEBGUI-$1$BHmEIoBH$UiqFK/bUj8vmhi3SID1tC/')


    Der folgende Fehler wurde beim Versuch die URL zu holen festgestellt:
    Verbindung zu Fehlgeschlagen.
    Das System antwortete: (61) Connection refused

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    While I'm still interested in how it would work, I've started to migrate the files from a second tower with a similar RAID-Controller (moved all the Harddrives).
    I tried to obtain the package I mentioned in the first post, but somehow I couldn't find it with apt-cache search (still on the debian site it is listed).

    Kind regards


    I just installed OMV and set up Snapraid with aufs. Now I'd like to move my files to the new partition.
    Is there a possiblity to mount LDM partitions? With Ubuntu I usually used Ldmtool, is there a possibility with OMV?
    I couldn't find any information on that. I'd be glad for any suggestions.

    Kind regards