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    would you be able to post a screen shot of your exact path settings.

    Me and a friend are trying to switch everything over to docker containers, and we keep getting a permissions error.

    I have a hardware based RAID 5 drive that I have mounted, have shared files and can see the data on via the shares, but when I go into the media directory via the command line there is no UUID directory for the drive so that I can manually go into it. I also can't set any of the downloaders to use a specific folder on that drive as a result. How do I browse this drive from the command line? I know the UUID because blkid shows it.

    Any ideas?

    Alternatively you could have used the upload feature in the webui for omv, used shellinabox and gone to the directory where the file is in \var\opt\openmediavault\archives and then run dpkg - I filename.deb.

    Yup same thing for me. Webui update failed. Can't seem to fully uninstall and the reinstall of the plugin fails every time.

    This is awful. I've tried everything to fully removed Sabnzbd... and the new install fails.

    "Failed to get configuration (xpath=//services/sabnzbd)"

    As far as I can tell it isn't creating the following two files:

    private $sabnzbdSettingsDir = "/var/opt/sabnzbd/";
    private $sabnzbdSettingsFile = "/var/opt/sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini";

    private $sabnzbd2SettingsDir = "/var/opt/sabnzbd2/";
    private $sabnzbd2SettingsFile = "/var/opt/sabnzbd2/config.ini";

    As they don't exist. Neither does the sabnzbd2 folder in the var directory.

    Thanks. I actually ended up changing my mind on that particular server (it was for my in-laws) and opted to make it a windows box with the trendnet pro software... it'll be much easier. But I'm going to put zoneminder on my own OMV box since I was gifted three IP cameras. So if I didn't do anything wrong with my install and I just need to do that, should be good.

    Thank you!

    Hi. I built the package as per the instructions on Git (think I got everything right). Installed the package. Says the zoneminder service is started. But when I go to log into the web interface, I get "ZoneMinder is not installed properly: php's date.timezone is not set to a valid timezone".

    Any ideas? Did I screw up building the package somehow?

    ** edit - I commented out the check in the zoneminder index.php and the web interface works now... But I'm pretty sure that I should probably find the cause of that error and fix it...

    Out of curiousity, is 1.3.5 of Deluge the latest available for OMV? I'd like to have 1.3.10 as Couchpotato apparently has problems with controlling older versions of Deluge. I've been trying to get the two to connect, and tried the various fixes (sonarr has no issues) I've found, except for using a newer version of Deluge.

    You've tried doing an apt-clean and refreshing the repos? And what platform are you running on?

    And did you try this already from above?

    apt-get --purge remove libmono*
    apt-get autoremove

    Then try:
    apt-get update
    apt-get install mono-complete

    Then try installing Sonarr again.


    Yup. Mono isn't being installed. Do you have the two different Mono Repos enabled? If you don't, as far as I know, the dependencies won't be met for Sonarr as those packages are not part of the main OMV repositories. If you don't have the repositories enabled for Mono, Sonarr's package can't install them. Let me know if that helps.

    They have a guide on how to do the plugins. I don't think any of the current developers maintain or actively target that platform (I could be wrong). It may be worthwhile looking at the plugin package for the x86 one and see if you can build the package for the pi using it as a reference. I would guess that referencing the arm repositories as opposed to the x86 ones for the package dependencies are the main changes that would be needed. But I am not a coder.

    omv 1.15
    kernel linux 3.2.0-4-486

    Unfortunately, unless one of the devs have a solution, I'm going to recommend backing up your settings and database within Sonarr, remove the plugin and reinstall and restore your backup and see if that works. The update function is built into Sonarr, and as far as I know isn't really dependent on the plugin. My updates have always just worked....

    Give that a try and see what happens.

    Make sure you have the mono repositories selected in the OMV, and you shouldn't have had to manually install mono. It's a dependency that should have been installed by the Sonarr package. Mono is not a plugin. :)