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    Hello, I need help. My hard drive where openmediavault was installed has crashed and is no longer working. So, I changed the disk and reinstalled openmediavault. I am rebuilding my disk until the moment when the files from my striped raid no longer appear visibly on the Samba server. What seems strange to me is that the raid has 1.5TB of data and 2.5TB free. I wanted to see if I could recover the files with Ubuntu but the raid does not display. I wanted to check with GParted but the disks are locked. Could I recover my data? Thank you for your response.

    Setup :
    Lenovo ThinkStation S30
    64go ram
    Intel Xeon E5-1620 V2
    2x2To HDD
    2x4to HDD
    1x120go SSD System