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    Here is the thread about the system from a long time ago.

    I don't think I looked to see which port the two drives were actually connected to. Didn't make a difference.

    I use a 2.5" laptop drive for most of my OMV installs. The speed of an ssd usually only helps the web interface.

    Wow.. awesome to know I have that expandability if I need it down the road. Thanks for the share.

    Would it be smarter/cleaner to get a PCI card to add a few SATA ports instead so I can keep the e-sata open for future use? If so, will any do off newegg or do I need to watch out for compatibility issues? This is my first Linux build so not sure if I need to be cautious when buying add on hardware for this box.

    Thanks again for the quick and helpful feedback!

    I had six in mine using e-sata port. I definitely recommend the tweaked bios. It runs hard drives at full speed as well. There is more than enough room in the optical bay for the fifth and sixth drives.

    All the adapters work. I also had a pci e-sata dual port card in it with external esata enclosure for 8 more drives. The N54L/N40L as a very good system for OMV.

    Wow! 6+8 drives! That's ambitious!

    Thanks for the info. Did you use the e-sata port for the system boot drive? Is there any reason to go with an SSD for the system drive performance wise? Not worried about the boot time - but if I can save a few bucks by using a 2.5 laptop drive on the e-sata instead of buying a dedicated SSD, then I'll go that route and go with 5 3.5" drives for the data

    Greetings All-

    Just ordered my N54L and wondering if any of you have brought the drive count up to 6 with these systems?

    Saw a post by a guy who did one for an unRaid build:

    But I noticed he's using the e-Sata port for the 6th drive. I know you can get the optical drive SATA up to full speed with the BIOS tweak but was wondering if squeezing in a mSATA drive or something similar would work for the system drive releasing the 5th sata port for an additional data drive.

    Would the e-sata port or a USB->sata adapter work for the system drive on OMV? Perhaps adding a PCI sata card to bring up the SATA ports?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Looking forward to building my fist OMV server!