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    I have NextCloud installed on OMV 3.0.96 running from a 16GB USB Stick on Microserver Gen10, everything is working fine except when I want to upload big files.
    The problem is that the file is uploaded to a temp folder somewhere on USB drive and I heave only 10Gb free space and I can't upload files bigger thatn 10GB and eventually that drive will wear out from R/W.
    Can I change that temp folder to point to another SATA disk?

    I'm trying to install Plex ans tansmission plugins but they are not showing in plugins tab.

    I have installed omvextrasorg 1.7 -> on tab I selected Download Managers and Plex -> check for new plugins on Plugins tab -> and no new plugins, only the few initial plugins are listed.

    What can I try or what i'm doing wrong?


    I have the same server, so I can help with issue nr 7.
    By default ILO should be active and it should get an ip from dhcp. When you start the server you should see ILO ip for a couple of seconds.
    I think ILO can also be enabled/disabled from bios, you should check there also.