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    When downloading files from my shared folder through Internet the download rate is very low (90 KB/s).
    Internet Speed: 8 Mb/s (1MB/s)
    FTP configuration:

    • Maximum upload rate : 0
    • Maximum download rate : 0

    How can I fix this issue?

    Many thanks.

    I fixed it. full steps:

    1. System > Certificates:

    • Create a certificate (to be used with FTP SSL/TLS)

    2. Services > FTP > Settings:

    • Passive FTP: Check "Use the following port range": 14100-14110
    • Masquerade Address: <Public IP> : To fix FileZilla message "Server sent passive reply with unroutable address"

    3. Services > FTP > SSL/TLS:

    • Check "Enable SSL/TLS connections": To fix FileZilla message "Server not secured"
    • Choose the certificate created in step 1

    I've just created a certificate and used it with FTP, unfortunately now I cannot access ftp folders!
    I'm using Active mode so I only NAT my PUBLIC_IP:21 to my NAS:21, do I need to NAT any other port?
    What about other above-mentioned options?


    I configured my FTP service so now I access my NAS from Internet using Filezilla client successfully, the only issue is that Filezilla shows a message that "the server is not secured".

    How to secure it?

    SSL/TLS Tab:

    Enable SSL/TLS connections: Unchecked
    Certificate: None (when check "Enable SSL/TLS connections" the drop-down list shows "None" only)
    Required: Unchecked: This option requires clients to use FTP over TLS when talking to this server.
    No certificate request: Unchecked: This option causes the server to not send a certificate request during a SSL handshake.
    No session reuse required: Unchecked: The requirement that the SSL session from the control connection is reused for data connections is not required.
    Implicit SSL: Unchecked: This option will handle all connections as if they are SSL connections implicitly.
    Extra options: (blank)

    Many thanks,

    Hi everyone,

    I'm newbie to OMV (version 1.9 Kralizec) and have some questions:

    1. Can someone explain the difference between Permissions, Privileges and ACL?
    2. How to use them with shared folders and services (SMB, FTP)?

    3. When creating a shared folder which permission should I select for "Administrator, Users, Others" and what do they mean?

    4. On the shared folder ACL window which extra option should I select for "Owner, Group, Others" and what do they mean? What about "Replace all existing permissions" and "Apply permissions to files and sub-folders"?

    5. What is the relationship between ACL and OS filesystem permissions?

    6. What is the relationship between "Administrator, Users, Others" and "Owner, Group, Others"?

    Many thanks,

    I have this configuration (G: Group, U: User, SF: Shared Folder):

    G1 (Quota 150 GB)
    G2 (Quota 50 GB)

    DISK (400GB)
    ...SF1 (R/W only by U11)
    ......SSF11 (R/W only by U11)
    ......SSF12 (R/W only by G1)
    ...SF2 (R/W only by U21)
    ......SSF21 (R/W only by G2)

    How can I implement this configuration on OMV?

    I no longer can access the OMV web admin page after installing Webacula with this commands:

    # apt-get install mysql-server apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql php5 php5-gd zendframework
    # apt-get install bacula-common-mysql bacula-console bacula-director-mysql bacula-fd bacula-sd mtx mt-st

    How to reconfigure apache2 to allow both http://OMV/ and http://OMV/webacula to work?
    You can find my config on the attachements.