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    Hello All,
    I am wondering If I could pick some brains in-terms of planning my Openmedia Vault docker design.
    Basically I am a little bit worried about security.

    Design consists of :
    - External bridge network which only carries https (encrypted traffic) (port 80 redirects are set).
    - internal bridge network which can potentially carry unencrypted traffic. This network does not have any ports open/published/exposed so traffic from external cannot get onto this network. Only Container to Container communication.
    - Each container runs under its own user context.
    - The permissions on the storage will be allowed to only the user's that need to access them. I will use groups for this (not shown).
    - Idea is to have all traffic hit the reverse proxy. I am not aware of any WAF capable reverse proxy so I am just using Traefik reverse proxy.

    Can anyone make any improvements/recommendations to this design ?
    I am just after security best practises and I am pretty new to docker.

    Did you set ACL and Privileges?

    Keep in mind, adding files through Samba into the nexcloud/owncloud data folder does NOT pass them through to your nextcloud, because the entries in database are missing. Try to use the official sync-client or WebDAV instead to share within your network, so files can be added and you do not result in a faulty database<->folder relation.
    Read only access to your files is possible and works, but would not recommend it. Too risky messing up your database.

    Yes It is deff an Issue with the FS permissions. Its good you mentioned that files added outside nextcloud might cause DB corruption. OK Thanks for the feedback. :) I did get it up an running via changing chmod 770 on the "haris" folder.

    HI All,
    I have in installation of NextCloud with the data Directory path @ /srv/dev-disk-by-id-md-name-openmediavault-Raid5Array/NextCloudData

    I would like to make an SMB share to that path so I have an alternative way of accessing the files outside of nextcloud.

    First I create a share

    Then I create the SMB share

    The user "Haris" is part of the following groups

    When I browse to SMB share in windows

    My credentials Don't work...

    Hello all,
    Was wondering if someone could help me with the permission issues in my docker install.

    Raid 1 Mirror that I have mounted on

    *note the permission for the /srv/mount point is root:root ???

    Below is my compose file.

    HI All.
    I wanted to know what everyone is doing around archiving Emails.
    I have a lot of Email in .PST archive files form Outlook and would like to have them stores off my laptop.

    I was thinking of running Zimbra Mail server in docker but that might be over kill.

    What are you guys doing around email storage/archiving ?
    I probably have 100 GB worth of emails alone.

    Hi Everyone .
    I have been a long term user of OVM.
    Never had any real issues with it.

    I am looking to build my NAS.
    I have found some old computer hardware I am planing to purpose.

    I plan in running docker containers for duplicati and Nextcloud along with an SQL docker instance and a NGINx reverse proxy.
    This bit i am very confident with.

    My question:
    Is it worth looking at installing KODI on the NAS as well ? My NAS sits under my TV and would be great to be able to plug in a HDMI cable from the NaS into the TV.
    I have read from various people that KODI does not run smoothly/video lags etc... for whatever reason.

    has anyone had any experience with KODI running on OVM and is working smoothly and no driver issues etc ?

    I just installed it from the ISO downloaded form

    here is my sources.

    Hello All,
    I am New to docker, I love the idea of containers.

    I did get docker installed on my OMV 3.0.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install docker-ce

    I then tested it with

    sudo docker run hello-world

    everything worked fine.

    I am looking to install the plugin but it keeps failing.
    Here is the install log.

    Any Ideas ?

    Hi All.
    I have a few questions re plugins for OVM. More specifically SickRage/CouchPotato/Plex.
    Where are these plugins installed on the system ? There are a few plugins that require a share (Plex) for the database.
    Is there a way to change that. The Reason is my NAS has a 512GB SSD (boot disk where OMV is installed). I would like to utilise this for programs/services. Un-raring etc.. I only want the actual DATA to live on my other arrays . The final destination of the data.

    This means loading thumbnails etc from plex would be a lot faster and the array will not have to spin up just to read 1 kb thumbnails.
    Have I got this completely wrong ?
    Could I Make a Share on my local SSD (by editing the SMB.conf) ?

    What is everyone else doing ?

    Absolutely stumped on this.
    root account can delete file no problems.
    I have even tried making new user account making new groups .
    Chown the folders to the new account and still nothing..

    i have even tried setfacl -b revoved all acls.

    Here is the output for the permissions of the Movies folder

    I have already used the reset permission From the WebUI of Openfiler And the permissions are set as Administrators = Read + Write, Users = Read + Write..

    Still cannot see where the permissions are incorrect.
    Here is what I see when I reset the Permissions

    HI All.
    After reading many threads. I am unable to solve my permissions problems with CIFS sharing.
    I have a User called "Haris" who is part of the Group "users"

    Here is my information, Again all permission look correct to me. But when I connect to SMB share from my windows 8 PC I cannot delete files.

    Here my SMB.cfg

    Here is the Permissions on the 2 Physical Disks and one AUFSPool

    Here is what i have set in Users, User Haris is part of group Users.

    User Haris has Write Access to Share...

    I have reset permissions as below..

    SMB config is below...

    When I try to connect to the share is get prompted for credentials. As expected.

    I can see the Share.

    But I cannot see the permissions for this folder e.g

    The permissions for the same folder is as below

    When I try to delete the folder..

    Clearly I am authenticated as Haris.

    Any Ideas ?
    Again all setting (file permission look Correct to me.