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    I am asking to get some other reasons. I am merely testing the waters here. Perhaps I will try ubuntu. But then I have to learn a bunch of tricks again.
    All I am saying is that the systems seems alike although not a perfect comparison and I would like to get an honest discussion going. Remember that all our requirements are not alike...

    I am currently running a windows vm on OMV. Downloading http. That is all it is used for because the downloader plugin does not cover my requirements due to my poor internet connection. Agree that OMV is a NAS but can a headless workstation serve one just as good?
    My stupid router can only do Dyndns updates. So I had to resort to other plugins.

    I was hoping to get a good feeling of other people about this topic of using windows 10 as a home media server instead of OMV.
    I am currently using OMV as my primary server to serve PLEX, Emby, SMB shares dnsclient etc. I am not using transmission due to my slow connection. I have been pondering the issue about using Win10 as my primary server instead of OMV. Please don't get me wrong
    here, I have been using OMV since the first versions. I like OMV a lot and it has served me well and I thank all the developers for their time and effort. Unfortunately I have to run my server with a windows VM using Virtual box because I am missing a very crucial plugin to do my http downloads with resuming etc. Is there any reason I should not use Win10 instead of OMV? I am just throwing it out there. I have limited skills in linux but I do get around doing things here and there. If you think of it, Windows can do most of the things OMV can. If it is better or worse, you tell me. I mean there is the no-ip dns update app, torrent app with web interface, download managers (ones that work good for me), Acronis for backups, virus protection & firewall, Emby & PLEX, Docker for windows and public shares which actually work without a password all availble in Windows. All available to manage through Remote desktop so the box can be headless. What I would miss is the email notifications about smart monitoring & system resources usage and the lightweight system os. If the Windows system will give me stable uptime I am ok. Perhaps my requirements are less that other people might need. I hope this thread don't get deleted due to its contents. :whistling:

    I have trouble connecting to my windows virtual machine from the internet. From inside my home network I can access the machine with remote desktop. The machine has its own static IP address of x.x.x.39. My OMV box has IP of x.x.x.40. What I have tried so far is to forward ports 3389 to x.x.x.39 & 9000 to x.x.x.40 through my router. It didn't work. I then added a firewall rule to OMV to forward port 3389 to x.x.x.39 and 9000 to x.x.x.40. This too did not allow me to connect to the machine. The network adapter in virtualbox is bridged. Windows VM firewall turned off. What am I doing wrong?

    Sorry if I sound stupid, but do I just run that line in my command line? how do you disable it again?


    You can already do this by adding OMV_FSTAB_MNTOPS_MERGERFS="defaults,allow_other,direct_io" to /etc/default/openmediavault and then running omv-mkconf fstab.

    I found myself in a situation whereby I could not decide what type of configuration I should choose for my mergerfs pooling. I eventually went for "least space" so my drives will fill up one by one and hopefully the ones not in use will be "sleeping" ie in standby. Is that possible to watch a movie in my tv room that is being streamed to the media player and the movie is on disk #1 of my pool? ?( Interesting to hear how others configure their system and why. Roll with it ppl.

    Ive used omv-downloader. Although very basic it works but I am concerned about the big files I transfer. I need to keep my finger on it due to poor broadband, connection timeaouts etc. I created jdownloader account but once I open the tab in omv it redirects me to the online site. Will play some more with it.

    First I want to say thank you for such a great product!

    Is there something in the pipeline like a good http download manager like FatRat, webui-aria2, uget or something with a web ui interface? I used pyload but it is slow and you cannot pause and resume. I am no expert in linux but try to find my way around things here and there. I now run a virtualbox vm with other software as a workaround.

    So I got 5 drives in my mhddfs pool. Pool configured from webgui with default settings. All of which was empty at time of creation. I started filling the pool and it is about 80% full. I did some sorting of the files, renamed, deleted, adding more etc trying to sort everything.
    I started to get problems copying large files (8GB) to the pool from a windows pc. I later found that the space got very low on the first disk as it was trying to copy the big file onto the disk which would obviously not fit in the free space available according to the webgui info. Windows and other copying tools reported that the "network name was not available any more" and stopped the copying altogether.

    according to this site, mhddfs will copy the data on the fly and cause no interruption to the application.

    I quote:

    I was wondering how this problem occured? Does mhddfs check the amout of free space before receiving a file or only if the disk is full? The minimum theshold limit was set at "4G". I increased it to "15GB". The problem went away after I rebooted but not sure why the 4G parameter did not work? At stages the "available" space on sda1 showed 0.00MiB.

    Can someone please explain what is cooking here? Is it because of all the renaming and sorting of files that a bug creaped in somewhere? Perhaps my second & third drive also did not allow for the file to be written causing bottleneck and overrun of the buffers?

    Is there a way that OMV can report (email) by script or any other method when a disk goes into sleep mode or spin down? I searched a bit and found something for freenas, but I am not sure if this might work form OMV. I am not to familiar with the cli commands.

    more can be read here I hope someone can assist.