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    I haven't moved to OMV3 yet (only will in stable).

    Can anyone tell me if the bug I posted some days exists in this Docker new plugin?
    The bug is: in "Copy Container", environment custom vars (Ex: PUID, GUID...) get scrambled or disappear.

    @anderbytes You have some really nice ideas and suggestions for improvements a few pages back, but as @subzero79 mentioned, I haven't done any coding on the plugin for quite some time now. However if/when I get the possibility to continue the work I'll make sure to have a look at your posts so please keep on writing down ideas like you do :)

    If that's the way I can help... that's what you can expect from me.

    When OMV 3 goes stable and this plugin too, I'll resume this improvements work

    The problem crept back. I uninstalled openmediavault-docker-gui and docker-engine. I manually removed files leftover in /var/lib/dpkg/info/openmediavault-docker-gui*. Did apt-get update, clean, upgrade and a dpkg --configure -a for good measure. No more errors.

    Now, with a system as clean as I can get it, when I try to reinstall openmedia-docker-gui, I'm still getting errors.

    After this, docker-engine is running (docker ps works), my containers are in a restarting loop (looks like maybe a permissions problem), the plugin seems to be running, but I get errors when I do a apt-get upgrade complaining about the post-installation script and ending with E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    I have seen this tutorial made to resolve that error you mentioned.…an-error-code-1-Resolvido

    Does that help? Need it translated?

    I have some ideas to give and issues to report... I know that OMV 3 is priority... but please take a look at current docker-gui in OMV 2.2.5:

    ### GENERAL ###

    - [FEATURE] In Config tab, let us choose if "Run Image" screen comes with "Restart on system reboot", "Run container in privileged mode" and "Sync time with host" toggle each one ON or OFF by default. It's annyoing always having to robot-click some of those every time.

    ### IMAGES ###

    - [FEATURE] Create a button near Images called "Check for Update", so we can query if a newer image is available. If so... give an option to Pull it. no typing...

    - [FEATURE] Allow removing of those repo's and insertion of others. Makes that tab a lot more useful...

    - [FEATURE] Integrate more cool stuff! What about DockViz??

    ### NETWORKING ###

    - [FEATURE] When running an image and Bridge is chosen, allow us to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) on ports. How? Pre-fill defaults exactly with port(s) seen in Dockerfile, and IP(s) pre-filled with host IP. If something is not as we please, we remove them and insert manually. 90% of the time we only copy the port number, without changing it.

    - [FEATURE] When in Bridge. Pre-fill a suggested Host name with the word at right of "/" in image name (upper-case, ok?)

    - [BUG] When chosen network type is "Host", you still ask for Host name, but it doesn't matter because it ends being replace by actual name from Docker Host. So... why ask i? Make it go away like the ports fields.

    ### CONTAINERS ###

    - [FEATURE] When copying containers, please don't freeze "Docker image" field. Because when an image gets updated... that will be the field to save us from re-doing all configs at new image. Or maybe we want to create a beta environment of another stable one.... or go crazy and change Linux distro at next container. No limits here!

    - [BUG] When copying containers, copied custom environment vars gets messed. I've already seen GIDs var switches with PIDs var and things like that... sometimes custom aren't brought at all to copied form.

    ### VOLUMES ###

    - [FEATURE] Make it so that, when a "Host Path" is filled but nothing is filled at "Container Path", then just assume its equal to "Host Path". Would save a lot of time for some.

    - [FEATURE] Today you make predicted Volumes (Ex: /config for some) available in a listbox. Well, about that...
    ---- Pre-create X editable lines, one for each predicted Container Path in Dockerfile, with that field pre-filled
    ---- We only can access predicted options by typing "/". Please create something like made in Exposed Ports list.
    ------- After the above done, don't make available already used options (no use in having 2 of any Container Path)

    Another idea:

    Just like when you allow us to "Volumes from..." when creatig a container, you should create another listbox of existing containers to let us "--link" them when needed. This way, inside the new container, another container can be referenced by name instead of it's IP, whatever it is.

    Today, I was forced to use the extra parameters field.