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    Hello everyone,
    Yesterday I did a fresh install of OMV 3 and re-configured plugins and shared folders as they were configured in OMV 2.
    I installed the available updates and the list emptied (because the updates went good), and what I did after, was activating Pre-release updates and Community maintained updates because I had them activated in OMV 2. FAIL ;( . Now I have aprox 10 updates from firmware binaries for net cards... If I try to install them, I get the error of unmet dependencies: You have held broken packages.
    I disabled Pre-release updates and Community maintained updates but these updates are still here. Has anyone a key to "clean" the updates list and re-create it without looking for this Pre-release and Community updates?

    Thank you,

    Thanks ryecoaaron for the reply. So I will just keep BTSync repo disabled to be able to get updates for other packages.

    Could this be related to Syncthing having implemented an auto-update feature? Last month I logged in the Syncthing GUI and it asked me to change preferences about getting updates automatically for Syncthing and maybe they have changed the structure or something because we won't need to "manually" update it from CLI or OMV GUI...

    Hello everyone,
    I'll explain a problem I have encountered some weeks ago on the 2 boxes I have running OMV.
    I found that I can't check for updates on OpenMediaVault. I have read the "log" that omv-update gives and it appears something like:
    Error fetching some indexes. (...) old ones were used.(...)

    Reading a little more, it seems like the BTSync repo is down and OMV cannot fetch updates and that's why omv-update fails. I have BTSync repo activated since it's necessary to install Syncthing plugin and I use it, but now something changed in the repo and OMV cannot connect to update it. I have searched on some threads in the forum and the most similar thread was when Syncthing was 'ported' from HTTP to HTTPS and it broke something and we (end users) had to disable the repo, check for updates, update and re-enable the BTSync repo. Now I have done this (disabling the BTSyn repo) to be able to update the other plugins and other stuff on OMV; so this thread maybe is just informative to tell whoever maintains BTSync repo that it is down.

    Can I do something to fix this or it's good to keep BTSync repo disabled until it's back up again?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello everyone,
    First of all, I wish you a happy new year.

    Second thing: I have a 500GB drive complaining about "currently unreadable sectors (pending sectors)" on my OMV box. I searched for this SMART attribute and I found out that it means that a certain number of sectors on my HDD are failing and they can not be read correctly. Furthermore, some people tell me that I could wait for this sectors to be re-read and hope that the drive could get a successful read and remap them to a good sector of it and eventually, pending sectors would be 0 again.
    I have waited since thursday and everyday OMV complains about it and I don't know what could I do.

    I have 2 drives with a backup of this drive and I don't mind wipping the disk with DD to write zeroes on it to force the firmware of the HDD to find that bad sector and remap it or mark it as unusable and stop using it. After that, I could get back the data again from the other drives but the new filesystem would change its UUID and I would have to change all the shared folder configuration that are present on that disk, am I correct?

    So I would like to have an advice of someone that had a similar problem and how they resolved it.

    PS: I have run a couple of long self-tests and a couple of short self-tests and they report "finish wothout error" but the drive is marked with a red circle in de SMART->Devices menu.

    Thanks in advance!


    There are two confirmations when deleting a shared folder from OMV via WebGUI:
    1. It asks if you really want to delete the share.
    2. It asks if you want to DELETE the files on the shared folder.

    So if you want to delete the share to unmount the old drives but you want to keep the files on them, you have to click YES and then NO

    Have a look and see what is OMV asking to you when deleting shared folders.

    Hope it helps.

    Happy new year,

    Hmmm now I'm wondering that the Syncthing GUI alerts you when an update is available, so that alert is external to OMV update process. So I could leave BT-Sync repo disabled to avoid this error and be aware of Syncthing GUI "frequently" to check if there are any updates, like I do on my Windows computer.
    Am I right?

    EDIT: OH sorry for bad comprension. Now I've re-read your answer and I updated plugin, so Syncthing Repo is fixed and then I can enable BT-Sync repo again.

    hey joq3,
    When inside your own LAN, are you trying to access OMV using IP or domain name? Some routers, the majority I think, don't let access your own LAN if you use your WAN IP from inside the same LAN.
    If you plan to access OMV from inside, you could 2 two things:
    1. Use private IP adress to access OMV
    2. Modify your local DNS server to point your private IP when asking for your Domain Name.

    I don't know if you understand me. Lets' have an example:
    My OMV has IP
    My LAN has WAN IP x.x.x.x
    I have a DDNS service that points to x.x.x.x

    Since I use option 2, I have added a static DNS entry on my router (my local DNS server) to point to So when I type from inside my LAN, the DNS takes me to instead of ' resolving from outside' and taking me to x.x.x.x

    Hope it helps!

    Yes. Since I'm not a Linux guru (yet), I open the file mànager and double-click "Extern" (label of the HDD) and then it complains about permissions.

    So you telling me that I should mount via CLI as root? I'll try tomorrow; 23:55h here and I'm going to bed.

    Thanks for the hint!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having some problems when simulating a "crash" and trying to restore from the External USB drive that I have set up to backup with USB Backup Plugin.
    I'm trying to mount it on an Ubuntu 16.04.1 Virtual Machine to try to recover the files in an event of a crash of the OMV system but I'm unable to access the drive. Ubuntu says that I don't have permissions to display the files in it.
    How can I recover the files in there if my OMV box is dead or simply I want to grab a file from the backup drive from another Linux distro?

    Drive is formatted as ext4 and plugin works wothout problems: I plug in, it runs and then it unmounts the drive and I disconnect it and store it in a safe place.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I add a screenshot of my settings

    Hello everyone,
    I'm having a little problem with the automatic renew of the certificate. I had this issue also when I first had to renew the cert because it expired. So now, the new certificate has expired again and can't renew it. I got an error that shows something like: could not get config path ...
    Same problem as the first certificate I used. So I repeated the same process I did the other time: delete certificate, uninstall plugin and reinstall plugin and issuing a new cert.
    But now, I can't install the plugin anymore.
    "Install log" is here:
    password: openmediavault

    I don't know why it's broken and I don't know how to completely uninstall the plugin to reinstall it later and start from scratch once again.

    Any help will be very appreciated!


    Finally I tested this with a testing database but I got these errors:

    root@OMV:~# find /media/8ed09fff-96f5-4b07-ac70-4aa015cb2a0c/Guillem/WordpressBackup/DB -type f -mtime +30 -name '*.sql' | head -n -5 | xargs rm {} \;
    rm: no s’ha pogut eliminar «{}»: El fitxer o directori no existeix
    rm: no s’ha pogut eliminar «;»: El fitxer o directori no existeix

    It says that it could not delete {}: File or directory not found.
    Same for ;

    Did I miss something or you made a typo?


    Thanks for that script @LooR. Since I'm a bit novice in Linux and scripting commands, I'll save the script but I'll not use it until I'm a bit more experienced; just in case I broke something and I delete all the root directory ;(

    Thanks again to share it with us.