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    Well to post an update!!

    I decided to have another go at X11 forwarding and realised it was actually the OS X client needing updating than any of the OMV config :/ . Boo. But what it did let me get my head around is a) SpiderOak support seem to be overly cryptic and b) There is actually no need to set Sync folders from the CLI as long as you have a GUI on another system ( i.e. the one you want to 'Sync' with).

    In order to use any folder ( other than the Hive folder which I have disabled) to Sync it must first be selected as a 'Backup' folder... This we know can be set via CLI. Once this is done, you can use the GUI on your client ( in my case MBP) to select a current backup folder on your local computer, and a backup folder on a remote computer and voila!! This designates the two folders as a sync and can be started via cli or via scheduling.

    So basically SpiderOak support should have explained though you cannot select a folder to sync via CLI, all you need to do is have it set as a backup folder and then select via another GUI...

    I'm pro SpiderOak again... for the timing being!! haha

    Just to revive this a bit....

    I think SpiderOak would still bo of value as a plugin for OMV... Although as above shows we ( Read Aaron! ) have had issues implementing it for Backup & Sync features, it still is useful for a zero knowledge, encrypted backup alternative to such as Dropbox.

    Having spent the last few days trying to setup X11 port forwarding etc etc to use the Sync via GUI, Ive actually come up with a much more elegant work flow. I use Sync thing to sync across all my devices; and I use SpiderOak to maintain an encrypted backup as well as access via iOS app. And So far I've very happy with the way it works!!

    IF you can be bothered Aaron; I truly believe if implemented with simple backup folder selection / de-selection this would be useful for a number of users... If not I'm happy to let this tread me closed and it continue as a custom package installation :)


    I agree with the sloppiness - It was just a quick thought!. I replied to their tweet asking if it was in future plans; no reply!

    had a look this week and couldn't figure out how to add additional 'Sync' folders... Gave in and tweeted SpiderOak support.. they confirmed that you cannot add additional sync folders via CLI :/.

    This limits the plugin to only being able to backup to the SpiderOak server... not a bad thing, off site encrypted, zero knowledge etc. One option is possibly to create a symlink from the mandatory "Hive" folder to a user selected share? This would then give sync facility, albeit lacking in ability to add more shares...

    Ah, didn't think about that. Does it only backup files in the hive? That would be a big problem.

    I know you can defiantly add backup folders as discussed previously; but it could be worth an email to the developers to see how you state a sync folder via the CLI... The Hive folder is by default synced; but the capability to specify additional Sync folders is present in the GUI, and so hopefully in the CLI.

    That is what I thought too. Your link is the same as the output of SpiderOak --help. The selection commands only apply to the files already in the queue.

    Ah! Gotcha... If I'm getting this right do you mean where its talking about the "Queue" under removing data? So your after a way of individually removing files from the queue, as opposed to the commands:

    SpiderOak --destroy-shelved-x


    SpiderOak --repair

    I hope I'm not stating the obvious here, but I found this, and used the --include-selection command to add files and folders to the sync list... Least I think I did. The code is below:

    :/ I kinda got the impression from there website they would be quite quick to respond to emails etc. I'll try the social media approach and see if a tweet to this forum might get their interest!

    It's not a years subscription but hopefully my donation will get your foot in the door to explain to the developers why you should get a free premium account for opening the whole OMV user-base to their product!


    I am not so familiar with SpiderOak. Can I also encrypted my data and upload it to another cloud storage? Let's say, Dropbox, or OneDrive?

    SpiderOak is a cloud storage provide in its own right, but promotes a "Zero Knowledge" of your data... It's is encrypted my the client on your computer, uploaded in a compressed format and stored with no access by SpiderOak to the Cipher Key. Because of this the SpiderOak client only uploads to storage provided by SpiderOak.

    Hahaha; I just checked the main Plugin page, saw "SpiderOak" and thought How did I miss that?!?!

    The one issue I touched on about the installation is that it by default creates a /User/SpiderOak folder as the initial / default sync folder. That can be removed from the Sync List and deleted but its just a bit extra in the post install script.. says the non expert.


    I didn't start on the plugin. I just went through the installation process. The first problem is that they don't have a repo and the plugin can't download and install a .deb. So, we need to mirror the .deb (not sure if that is against their license). There was something else but I will have to look at that tomorrow.

    Think I can help there... When the deb package from SpiderOak is installed it adds this repo to sources list:

    Could we simply add this repo via the plugin and then grab the key from here?