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    Just received my Gen8.
    I planned to install OMV on SSD, and use ODD sata, but after some research this morning, it seems impossible to properly boot from port5.
    My data disks will not be in a RAID (I'm using snapraid), and forcing SSD boot with raid 0 trick is not reliable for me, if a reboot / cold boot is not possible.

    So what are the possible solutions ?

    • install omv on USB (+SSD for data)?
    • install omv on sd card (+SSD for data)?
    • use USB only for boot partition, and keep other installation partitions on SSD ?



    I'm trying to setup the kodi docker, but I'm lost.
    I don't understand how to configure, and how it'll work.
    My OMV box ip is, with sql server running on it and only samba shares.

    • Network mode: bridge or host?
    • MYSQLip:, or ?
    • How to add my libraries paths ?
      • in the portable_data/sources.xml ?
      • with something like smb:// ? (same question as bellow, should I use, or
      • where should I specify source content type and scrapper languages?
    • How to force the initial full library scan? just add a new file and it'll process all?
    • Does the watchdog features prevent hdd to spindown?

    Thanks for your help

    I finaly succeeded to clone my system disk to a smaller one.

    Acronis is simplier to use, but unfortunally it looses the partitions UUID. (at least for version 2014)
    So I give clonezilla a try, with success!
    Here are the steps:

    • Boot with Gparted Live to shrink partitions such that they will fit on the new drive
    • Boot with CloneZilla:
      • choose "device-device clone"
      • select the advanced options, let default options and enable the -icds
      • process
    • eventually boot on gparted to extend partitions on the target

    Hope it can helps


    I've planned to replace my SSD system drive by a smaller one.
    There are two partions on it: 20GB system + 200GB DATA (for download managers, emby, plex and mysql)
    I'll use acronis true image to clone the disk, but what about partitions uuid ?
    they will remain the same, no need to change fstab or anything else?


    I'm not sure to understand sorry.
    My raspberries are not running omv, but various linux distros (osmc, raspbian, ...)
    Only my main haswell NAS/Server is running OMV.
    I'd like it to orchestrate and store the backups of all the rpis.

    found this link


    I'd like to automate the backup of my multiple raspberry pi (osmc, teleinfo, home-automation, ...).
    Some of them are not easily accessible, so unplug the sd card and make an iso image is not a convenent way to go.

    I've googled for such a solution, and found post about "dd over ssh" or "rsync".
    But I think it's over my competences, so need a little help ^^

    The best would be to make incremental image backups every nights.
    The rpi image/filesystems will not change a lot (except logs, some local DBs...) because all data are stored in the nas and accessed in NFS/SMB.
    If incremental backup is not possible, a rolling backup maybe (keep the last 10 backups for example)

    Concerning the backup format, the simplier in case of rpi sd crash would be to have *.iso images. (but not compatible with the "incremental" way i suppose).
    Don't know if it's even possible to make an image of a running linux system...

    Any help or suggestion would be geatly appreciated ;)
    And if I have time and skills, I could try to make a plugin.



    I want to install and use pyload (after I have no idea how I can access to the jdownloader). the installation went well but when I open the pyload Tab, i get "Critical error while processing request: "And the Tab-Window in OMV doesn't show anything.

    Same here :'(

    I just made a quick test.
    samba overrides sub-folder privileges.
    My [DATA] share has Read/Write privileges for all users, and [Videos] only Read.

    When I access videos folder via \\OMV\DATA\Videos, I can make write operations!
    But using \\OMV\Videos, only read permissions.

    So sharing the whole [DATA] folder is dangerous.
    Maybe make it hidden, just for maintenance stuffs...


    I'm installing a new OMV nas for a friend, and I have to decide about the way data will be stored.
    It has to be user-friendly, and completly transparent for beginners user (no SSH, no FTP, ... only windows samba shares)

    The NAS is build of 1x SSD 256GB and 4x HDD 3TB.
    I partionned the SSD to a 30GB system partition (OMV_OS), and the remain space to another partition (OMV_DATA)
    OMV_DATA partition is used mainly for Deluge/PyLoad downloading and seeding directory, and temporary folder.
    Each HDD have only one big partition.

    My main concern is about file copy between downlad folder and target directory (movie, tvshows...)
    I need to find a way to achieve server side copy, because my friend use only WiFi on his laptop, so copying a 10GB movie take a loooong time (3MB/s)
    From my understanding, server-side copy works only if source and target are located under the same samba share.

    So I though about something like this:

    As OMV_DATA is limited in space, I need to use symlinks or Greyhole to move files in the big drives.

    • So is using only one smb share [DATA] could allow me server-side copy in that case?
    • I will need to declare a share folder for each subdirectories (with privileges and permissions)
    • Then create a samba share for [DATA] and each of its subfolder ([VIDEOS], [PICTURES]...) as greyhole landing zone need to be samba shares.
    • Only [DATA] will be browsable
    • but... will it works? How samba deals with share containings share?



    So do we have to add snapraid-diff in the schedule tasks?
    Because today I have a 7 day frequency, but nothing happens in the syslog or mail since the 17 july.


    I successfully migrated my NAs from whs2011 to OMV two weeks ago.
    Everything is configured and working great (smb, sickbeard, deluge, ....) and now I'm trying to lower idle power consumption.
    My setup is: asrock z87E-ITX + Pentium G1820 + 4Go RAM 1.35v + SSD + 3x WD red 3To + 1x 1T0 5400rpm

    Currently with OMV, it is 17W when disks are spindown: it's not bad, but I'm perfectionist ^^
    My idle power usage was around 12W in windows.

    I check with powertop, 98% of the time in C6 but I can't hear the high pitching noise of the cpu I have in w8.
    I googled for solution, and found these tweaks
    I'll give it a try tonight.

    I also read that installing OMV on top of a fresh debian 7.5 can help (better drivers and optimizations)
    Is it correct?

    Thanks for your help.


    Thanks for the answers.
    In my movies collections, I have a lot of full DVD rips, with their original VIDEO_TS folder and multiple vob files inside.
    I need to make sure that all vob of the same movies are on the same physical disk.
    So I need a sort of split-level as unraid.
    Didn't see anything on aufs or mhddfs


    I want to migrate my whs2011 sevrer to a OMV nas.
    I'll use Snapraid plugin, as I'm fully satisfied with its features.

    aufs and mhddfs, seems to be good candidates for pooling.
    I need:

    • No single-file spreading (each disk must be fully readable if the pool fail)
    • Usable (read/write) from NFS AND Samba shares.
    • split-level, as unraid feature (link). The idea is to avoid multi disk spinning when playing a DVD or Bluray Rip.