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    I use a script to dump, compress and delete old sql dumps.

    You can try that line whit Scheduled jobs, that example will delete sql dumps older then 30 days but keeps a minimum of 5 dumps.

    find /backup_path -type f -mtime +30 -name '*.sql' | head -n -5 | xargs rm {} \;

    but use it whit care, wrong path or filename wildcard and rm flush the wrong files

    It looks like both doesnt get logrotated anymore. Because that they hit the gui limit at 2001 pages.

    I try to rotatet them manualy

    root@omv:~# logrotate -vf /etc/logrotate.conf
    error: skipping "/var/log/autoshutdown.log" because parent directory has insecure permissions (It's world writable or writable by group which is not "root") Set "su" directive in config file to tell logrotate which user/group should be used for rotation.

    ok /var/log is 0777 openmediavault:openmediavault

    i changed /var/log to 0775 root:root and its work again but why thats happen?

    lol Chrome use CNNIC too, every important browser use it. If you dont like it u need to delete the CA from your Browser and not change the Browser.

    Have some similar message today, anyway the update for openmediavault (2.1.15) and omvextrasorg (2.3) seems to be installed but remain at the update panel. If i try it whit apt-get this is happen.

    root@omv:~# apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
    E: Missgestaltete Zeile 40 in Quellliste /etc/apt/sources.list.d/omv-extras-org-stoneburner.list (»dist parse«)
    E: Die Liste der Quellen konnte nicht gelesen werden.

    Line 40 shows that

    deb main

    If you a chinese dissident maybe you should use some other, if you enemy of the state like snowden a china ca will not help you much but its better then one from usa because a china company give a fuck about a security letter from there. But for nobodys like you and me i think its doesnt matter ;-)

    I doesnt remember the solution but the workaround. If you use Firefox copy the url and use the inkognito/private mode from Firefox or delete the cache.

    shadowzero im not the thread starter but i try to give him a advice.

    But yes for what you ask:
    i have a smb share enabled on my omv. I create the vm at my win pc and copied it to share.

    I use 2 differnt ways but everyone is independ.

    1. I work whit my local win7 workstation Installation and the vm run localy but the vm files stay at the omv share

    2. i installed a second Workstation at the omv as headless server and the vm runs there but i can connect or edit this vm from and whit my local Workstation Installation. (or VNC. Temaviewer ect.)

    I run Vm Workstation 11 as Server on my omv and localy at my win pc. Its possible run both ways. I can run the vm local at my win pc and only load/save the vm over smb from/to the omv 100% equal to a local hdd. And i can run the vm at the omv box and only connect remotly whit the "connect to a remote server" feature.

    I was successful to recover my broken system whit the following trick. I take a clone of the broken system and do a (re)install whit a new omv.iso.
    From this fresh system I copied (cp -avrn) all the folders which I think I partly deleted before (bin, sbin, etc and var) back to the broken system. Now I can reach the webui and can login at the console again, nothing more to fix.

    Sorry the detail facts a little bit to difficult for me to explain it completly in english. Whit the script further down and my faulty use of rm -rf i broke partially my system but it boots. i have older rsync backup of root system but simple copy it back (and chown it to root rights) make no differents. I cant go beyond the (none) Login screen you can see at the screenshot.

    Das „-rf“ hab ich einem Anfall von kognitiven Sekundenschlaf eingefügt und dadurch mein System zerschossen obwohl der pfad eigntlich auf die Daten Hdd zeigt? Bootet zwar noch aber bei „(none) Login“ geht’s dann nichts mehr weiter, jeder login wird verworfen.

    Natürlich als erstes Livecd angeworfen, System & Daten Hdd readonly gemountet. System & Daten augenscheinlich zu 95% vielleicht sogar 99% noch da. Aber z.B. /bin ist ziemlich leergeräumt, bash ect. alles weg. Mittels extundelte bzw. ext4magic und genauer Zeit war zwar etwas zum recovern, hauptsächlich aus /bin, /etc, /sbin, und /var, augenscheinlich aber unvollständig bzw. beschädigt. Hab dann erstmal die System hdd geclont und virtualisiert. Rsync backup der System hdd ist leider auch schon etwas älter. Seit dem teste ich mit der VM komme aber über den (none) Login nicht hinaus. Versuch in der VM & Livecd mittels chroot auf das System zuzugreifen scheitern da ich mir ja auch bash gelöscht hatte. Hat jemand noch Ansatzpunkte wie und was zu machen wäre da das System ja noch bootet bzw. soweit ich sehen kann eben das allermeiste noch da ist?

    Images Backup hab ich leider keines aber mittels des in omv erstellten rsync backups von system müßte doch noch was zu retten sein da das es ja grundsätzlich noch bootet?