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    I pinned the newer certbot package with omv-extras (if backports is enabled - you can disable backports in omv-extras) to allow creation of wild card certs. But installing python 3 is not an upgrade. It is installed side-by-side with python 2. So, it won't hurt to install it. I guess I will have to look at the plugin's dependencies though.

    Unfortunatly, I can't see it… with or without backports enabled

    root@home-server:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# cat omv-extras-org.list
    # This is file is generated.
    # OMV-Extras repos
    deb stretch main

    Hi all,

    My certificat is working fine at the moment and was created with the plugin. But it is about to expire and I just noticed that the automatic renew process is failing :(

    So I tried to renew it by hand.

    I can see that in the log file:

    Here is the Python version

    root@home-server:/etc/cron.d# python -V
    Python 2.7.13

    Don't know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    After a few research, I found that my certbot package was updated with the one from stretch-backports (v0.23) which need python 3 !
    I don't think that upgraded python to v3.x is a good solution, so I simply want to downgrade the certbot package to the one in the stretch repository (v 0.10).

    I'm a little nervous to "update" all those package ??? Is it safe or am I going to break everything in OMV ?

    No, just created the pool with the plugin the first time I use it.

    Here is the log :

    Seems to have work ;)

    Already done… and nothing. Strange??? Maybe the property added to the pool/fs isn't enough?

    I'm thinking of removing the plugin as I want to update to kernel 4.16 and ZFS 0.7.9 too… I don't think it will remove ZFS DKMS but the fact is that I probably have to delete samba shares. And what about share folders ? Are they going to be deleted too ?

    Just tried to set the property manually… but no effect. Do I need to reboot or something ?

    root@home-server:/etc/openmediavault# zfs set omvzfsplugin:uuid=864e8b70-edf9-48fb-a2fc-7fe7dbab1c2f StoragePool
    root@home-server:/etc/openmediavault# zfs get -s local all StoragePool
    StoragePool atime off local
    StoragePool omvzfsplugin:uuid 864e8b70-edf9-48fb-a2fc-7fe7dbab1c2f local

    I can't test because the 4.14 kernel headers aren't available anymore. I would backup your system before trying this:
    Remove the 4.14 kernel headers
    Install 4.16 kernel and zfs 0.7.9 at same time. It should skip compiling the zfs module for the 4.14 kernel since the headers aren't there.
    Reboot using the 4.16 kernel
    Remove the 4.14 kernel

    Will be happy to try but how can I get the ZFS 0.7.9 packages ?
    The only version I have is the 0.7.6 with stretch-backport

    EDIT: Found in OMV-extra Testing ;)

    Nop !


    No change for me with the plugin update… even after an export/import run of my pool.

    After I entered the ZFS plugin tab, the mount point vanished from config.xml file.

    If I put the correct entry back, everything go back to normal…

    Volker (or any other),

    Each time I update to the latest version of OMV 4, I have to put back my .js modified files (no problem for me), but I also go back to where I was in post 9: no CPU tab.
    Sometime, and I don't know how (!), I can fix it and get it work.

    Is there some kind of JS "cache" to be clean/reset after each update?

    Thx for the help,

    Yo can use ethtool or ifconfig commands to check your port.

    To test your port; I would recommend iperf both on client and server to check your network speed...

    On the server side (don't forget to open the 5001 port if you have a firewall running)

    # apt-get install iperf
    # iperf -s

    On the client side (Windows and/or Linuxà

    iperf -c ipOfYourServer

    You can find multiple tutorial on the net.

    If you want to build ZFS 0.7.9...


    Revert to your previous kernel should work.

    Else, try to compil the 0.7.9 ZFS version...

    So after upgraded the network card driver, I've made a lot of tests with Iperf for that problem recently (screenshots 1 & 2).

    The 9339 missed were from a previous test.

    The conclusion is that I have no error even at full Gb/s speed, even in multiple ways at the same time! I was thinking of perhaps a MTU problem but no... MTU is 1500 on both hardware (Win PC & NAS)

    The thing is that if I try to copy a 16G test file with FileZilla through SFTP, no errors (see attached screenshots 3) at near the same ‘full’ speed...

    But if I copy this same file to the NAS with a SMB share, there is a lot of rx_missed... From the NAS to the PC, no error at all.

    Could it be some sort of samba problem ???

    I'm totally lost with this...