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    Thanks a lot!

    Finally, I've rebuilt the array by wiping one disk at time, no partition, recover raid. Seems works ok now.

    Thanks again for your time helping the community!

    PD: Should mark this thread as Solved?

    Tried this

    root@omv:~# mdadm --stop /dev/md127
    mdadm: stopped /dev/md127
    root@omv:~# mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdb
    mdadm: Unrecognised md component device - /dev/sdb

    So, I'm stuck...

    Any help? Again?

    Hi all
    After last night weekly reboot, today I've got a split clean/degraded raid.
    I think I didn't built it good at start, and now I've got this trouble.
    Any help will be welcome.

    There's my outputs

    root@omv:~# blkid
    /dev/sda1: UUID="ae5367fc-cb91-4e2f-959f-89ca2761b302" TYPE="ext4" LABEL="RAID2"
    /dev/sdb1: UUID="9cc05082-eb0c-81a3-8a6d-e2b38bff6c7f" UUID_SUB="fe67fb12-b7c9-b007-6e7f-4009e9a7c0e6" LABEL="omv:0" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
    /dev/sdc1: LABEL="Media" UUID="a915c5d4-d6f3-4a46-a93f-ed2cc30bd4ec" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sdd1: LABEL="3TB" UUID="865844eb-d9c4-427f-badd-d57a09a652bc" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sde1: LABEL="3TB" UUID="ce82cbd6-c5ef-494a-8cf3-0c09fd23abd0" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sde2: LABEL="MP3" UUID="43b40d65-511f-4c9b-9995-ae28c6ee5b5a" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/md0: LABEL="RAID" UUID="9d2b7b1d-50fc-4400-9a17-8033849fa72e" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/md127: LABEL="RAID" UUID="9d2b7b1d-50fc-4400-9a17-8033849fa72e" TYPE="ext4"

    root@omv:~# mdadm --detail --scan --verbose
    ARRAY /dev/md/0 level=raid1 num-devices=2 metadata=1.2 name=omv:0 UUID=9cc05082:eb0c81a3:8a6de2b3:8bff6c7f
    mdadm: cannot open /dev/md/0_0: No such file or directory

    Hi all. I'm new here, and a noobie.
    I've using omg for more than 10 months without problems, but in last weeks started to get some misconfiguration.
    So I've tried to restore a backup made with the plugin, but unsuccessfully.
    I've tried to search in forums, but without lucky.
    Can someone put a step-by-step guide on restore a backup made with the plugin using clonezilla?
    Thanks a lot in advance!