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    I suggest stopping all consoles before upgrading because the plugin won't see old consoles now since they are running as root.

    i am not able to stop the console and is still visible in the grid... is there some command to stop it? or just kill the process of the novnc?

    I restarted the server, the docker container is deleted, in the grid are no links available, so i cannot access the VM using web browser:

    here is the output from ps aux:

    root@backup-server:~# ps aux | grep websock
    root 24495 0.0 0.0 6080 892 pts/0 S+ 15:43 0:00 grep websock

    so its not running, the websock...

    and start a new console.

    sorry for stupid question, but how and where to start the console? using what? so the noVNC column is now useless?


    i deleted the noVNC docker container, when i click on create console, nothing happen, it asks to create noVNC on port 8081 and then html 5 on 8091, and those ports are not accessible..., in syslog no errors

    Hi, i didnt checked it for some time, the VM, but the noVNC link dissapeard:

    the docker container for the VM is running, so I dont know what could happen.. any advice what to check? thx

    hi, followed these steps, but still facing errors for update:

    Hi all,

    same issue here with teamviewer repo from today morning:


    now i see i have the same sources in 2 lists, where should i remove them?

    Tell me first why you think you need a bridge? That may help me understand a few things.

    im using the virtio/birdge (created by Macvtap), and the VM is visible and accessible in my local network.

    for that im asking what's the difference. Or maybe proper usage of those two types of bridge.

    Yeah, I've got to look at the network thing, I've tried a few, but stuck with the default, but not gone further than creating a VM.

    I've got to look at the network stuff, as I want to try the VMs on my network or VLAN.

    i created the brigde network and the VM is accessible in my network:

    when you assigning the NW to the VM, you have to reboot the VM, at least that helped me