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    ryecoaaron - sorry for late reply, was a hectic year ... after some investigation i found out that one of my VMs was corrupting whole host, where i am running my VMs... it was debian 10 VM with docker and with OnlyOFFICE on it. When i removed it, all started working smoothly again.

    Hi all,

    i recently updated my OMV installation to kernel Linux 5.18.0-0.deb11.3-amd64, since then im having random freezes.

    My OMV is running as VM in proxmox and what freezes is only the OMV VM... Im thinking to use the OMV proxmox kernel. It is suggested to use the proxmox kernel when it is running as VM in proxmox? it will be better for proxmox to use OMV proxmox kernel?

    thank you for any hints

    Hi all,

    im running OMV6 as a VM in proxmox, and now every scheduled backup, using stop metod, when the OS will boot up back, the OS disk is not recognized by the GUI:

    I dont know what to check, but im using the sharerootfs plugin, and the samba share that i created there is accessible, so maybe its only some cosmetic issue with the gui

    Zoki - migration to OMV6 looks successful. All docker applications running and working correctly. Samba shares are accessible. I manually recreated the Shared folders again, after i mounted all the disks and also the same i did with the samba shared folders. thank you for hints and helping me out.

    PS: i didnt touch the xml config file, i made the users from scratch and i had no groups on my old OMV5.

    so first create symlinks on omv5, then update the docker-compose files from portainer? ... also how can i export scheduled jobs? or crontab -e and i can copy it to txt document?

    EDIT: for the shared folders and samba shares should i use symlinks? or direct path? What is the best practice?

    for instance appdata folder is direct path and whoogle is symlink path...

    so, all docker applications i have now as stacks. Now i can backup them using Portainer backup.

    another part to migrate, the samba shares, users and groups, paths to disks (probably using simlinks). How can i export it correctly?

    so i found out that you have to slightly change the yml output file from the docker-autocompose from this:

    to this, that it is accepted by portainer as its stack:

    so it will take a lot of manual work to rewrite all my 20 containers.

    i will let you know once i have them all as stacks.

    thanks for your help

    already tried that, when i used this command:

    docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock <container-name-or-id> <additional-names-or-ids>...

    i copied it from terminal to the portainer here:

    i ended up with stack created, but it is telling me the same that it cannot be managed by portainer....

    EDIT: aha, so if im copying it from docker on OMV5 to another portaner instance to OMV6, i will be not able to control the stack with the portainer on OMV6?

    EDIT2: so first do the stack in portainer on OMV5, export stack on omv5, copy it to omv6 server and import the stack there? that should be the process?

    Hi all,

    due to the fact that until now there is no correct way of upgrade from OMV5 to OMV6, im would try to migrate from 5 to 6 using Proxmox.

    currently i have one VM OMV5 and created a 2nd VM OMV6.

    to my prod OMV5 I passtrough 4 disks in proxmox, now the question is, can i passtrough the 4 disks again to another VM on the same time? will i not damage the proxmox?

    i need it to properly migrate all the docker containers, meaning export current running containers using this container to get the compose yaml files and then run compose on OMV6, to get all the applications alive with mapped all the disks.

    i get the config files from omv5, turn it off. then turn on omv6 and it will use the mapped disks.

    or it is not possible to have passtrough the same disks for 2 VMs?

    thanks for any hints.

    yeah, after using the mentioned script the user ended like me without network card:

    "Second attempt using your script no luck neither. This time, it did upgrade to debian 11 but OMV still on version 5. Upon reboot I had no network connection."

    so i restored the server from backup and will wait for some workaround, or i will try it tomorrow